Why Should Your Child Complete Middle School from An International School?

School plays a huge role in the emotional, social, mental, and physical development of a child. When children transition from primary to middle school, it is important that the parents choose a good international school for their child. This will allow your child to develop completely in all aspects and become ready for the next phase of their education, i.e., high school.

Here are some of the main reasons you should send your child to an international middle school in Tokyo.

  1. Teachers in middle school

Teachers in international schools in Tokyo focus not only on the subject matter they are teaching but also on the child’s interests. These teachers help the students explore those interests and hobbies constructively. 

These teachers understand that they have a parental role in the school, so they always try to work alongside the parents. They try to take a student-centric approach to ensure that the child is constantly developing emotionally, mentally, physically, and morally.

  1. Development of interests

International schools provide children with a space to explore their creativity, interests, and hobbies alongside the standard curriculum. Aside from STEM subjects, students can take up extra-curricular activities such as creative arts, writing, etc., in these schools.

Children in middle school start to develop a variety of interests outside of their school curriculum. This age is crucial for learning new skills and exploring new ideas. An international school can provide such opportunities properly.

  1. Curriculum of international schools in Tokyo

When you relocate to a new country, it can be difficult for your child to adjust to a new environment. A completely new curriculum can make it quite difficult for your child to focus on their studies.

However, international schools in Tokyo usually follow a curriculum that is similar to the previous school in your home country. Therefore, your child can quickly adjust to the new environment without the added stress of a new curriculum.

  1. Learning language skills

International schools in Tokyo offer to teach children a variety of languages. This skill can help a child communicate better with their peers and help them gain practical skills. Learning a language is a very useful skill, and it can help them in their career later in their life.

Knowing languages like Japanese and French can open up many opportunities for the child that was previously not there. Moreover, learning a different language promotes cognitive development in children.

In conclusion

Middle school is an important part of your child’s life. During this stage in their life, they will start to learn various skills that are integral for their future. Due to this reason, it is always a great idea to enroll them in an international school.

If you live here in Tokyo or have plans of moving to Tokyo ahead of you, it is essential to think about which middle school you will send your child to. Choose GIIS Tokyo to ensure your child receives holistic and quality education.

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