Why Singapore pre-nursery and international schools are so good?

Singapore is a first world country like no other. It is an island city state with a population that is multi ethnic and diverse. Its rise to its present status is a story of grit, determination, hard work and an obsession with excellence. This is something that extends to its educational system as well. That is something that is quite evident in its excellent pre nursery and international schools Singapore.

Let us break this down and look at the exact reasons why Singapore pre nursery and international schools are so very good.

1. Excellent Infrastructure

A healthy and enabling environment is an integral part of one’s education process. This fact is well recognized in Singapore where most schools boast the most modern and well appointed campuses replete with all manner of amenities and facilities. Being one of the wealthiest and most prosperous nations in the world, Singapore’s schools are as good as the best in the world in terms of infrastructure.

2. Exceedingly Well Trained Teachers

Singapore’s teachers are trained some of the best in the world. This is as true of its pre nursery schools in Singapore as it is for its international high schools. As few as 5% of the top graduating students make the cut as teachers in the island nations. Add to that the rigorous training they acquire from the National Institute of Education and you have some of the most competent and capable teachers in the world teaching at the various Singapore schools.

3. Large Number of International Schools

Singapore has a very large number of international schools catering not just to the requirements of local students, but also the sizable number of children of expats from around the world who work and live there. This means that these schools follow globally recognized  benchmarks and standards that only augur well for the students’ futures.

4. Focus on Academics

Singapore as a society appreciates hard work and merit above all else. That is the reason why its schools lay so much stress in academic performance. The results of this are that the students get used to the idea of performing well at studies from a very early age, which only stands them in good stead later in life..

5. Discipline

Singapore schools are know for the enforcement of discipline. This again flows from the fact that Singapore as a nation greatly values discipline. Though a first world developed country, its ethics are quite different in this regard when compared to the rather lax and relaxed attitude in the western world. This ensures that Singapore students are amongst the most hardworking and disciplined anywhere in the world.


Singapore is one of the most admired countries in the world for a variety of reasons. Its wealth, employment opportunities and high standard of living are the obvious advantages of living there. That apart, the culture and ethos of the nation is based in hard work, efficiency and discipline. Singapore’s highly admired educational system has a great role to play in this.

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