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The Process of Selling Your Property 

If you wish to sell your property using old methods by putting up a sale sign on your lawn, it might take months before the first call. The process of selling property is an art because it needs the right strategies to be successful.

Further, as the cost of living bites, more Australians seek second-hand properties, especially online. So, if you are interested in understanding about selling your property in Australia, this guide will help you with the selling process.

How to Sell Your House?

Everybody wants to get the best price for their property within a stipulated time frame. However, you need to be well aware of the process of selling a house to avoid any mishaps. Moreover, you can choose an easier course by investing in a real estate agent who is well-equipped with online and offline marketing. 

You can follow these steps to secure a deal successfully without much stress. 

1. Prepare your property for sale

Once you decide to sell your property, you should get into getting it ready. Your potential buyer will focus on the look of the house in the first instant. To stand out among other properties in the vicinity, you might have to do minor repairs and renovation, like painting the house, so it looks in its best condition.

Your property will be attractive and marketable, which will increase its saleability. A little spending before putting it for sale can yield you a higher ROI.

2. Invest in a real estate agent

Even if you are selling property for the first or tenth time, you could use an extra hand. Real estate is no exception, with technology permeating every part of life. Experienced real estate agents have in-depth knowledge about online marketing so the right buyers can reach you.

Additionally, there is the benefit of weeding out fraud and staying connected even from the comfort of your home. Property agents ensure a smooth and seamless buying experience for the buyer and seller. You can sign up on various portals to land your perfect match. Your agent will help you with the following –

  • Closing the best deal – Real estate agents can convince buyers to pay your desired price by upholding your property value in the market. The chances of getting more than expected are viable when approaching a professional. 
  • Property papers – Agents help draft the official papers and clear up loopholes that may bite you in the future. 
  • Sales method – Agents will employ only those marketing and sales methods that will bear results. For instance, a private treaty or auction works best in different situations based on property value and buyer’s interests. Further, high-quality videos and images of the house will speed up the buying process.

3. Discharge your mortgage

If you’ve got a mortgage on the property, you need to arrange for it before finalising for settlement. You need to lend the buyer a completed discharge of mortgage form. Further, it’s better to contact your lender before selling the property so that you can balance any costs involved with the release.

4. Settlement

After signing the contract, settlement usually happens six weeks after it. It is where you receive the remaining price. After the sale has concluded and all payments have been made, you have to vacate the premises.

Bottom Line

Selling property at your quoted price within a time frame is possible with the help of a professional. If you want to do all the work yourself, it will require commitments like physical appointments, calls between your work and constant running for documents.

On the other hand, a real estate agent can make your life easier by doing most of the work on your behalf, leaving you with zero headaches. However, you need to research the agent’s track record before hiring.


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