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Why Should You Use Property Styling? 

In November 2022, there was a downfall of 26.1% in the volume of property sales in Australia. However, according to a 2021 survey, a median employee earns an average of $1,250 per week. And comparing the two pieces of info, one can say that Australia is financially doing better than the rest of the world, and the number of sales is still decreasing. In Sydney itself, the price of houses declined by 11.1% in November 2022, and one of the reasons is the styling of properties. Likewise, when you look for property styling in Sydney, various websites will guide you through the process to deliver the best result.

How Property Styling Will Benefit You

The decreased property sales symbolise people’s lack of interest in buying property. In the spirit of globalisation, most people are more interested in renting than buying a space forever. This is also because most people constantly shift from one place to another. Therefore, to hook them towards the property, you need to work harder and make it more appealing. And you can improve your property styling game in the following ways:

  1. Making a Dazzling Online Listing

In the age of the internet, visual appeal is the first interaction between a buyer and a property. So, hire a professional photographer if necessary — someone who can click gorgeous pictures to capture the essence of the living space. Besides, don’t go so overboard with editing that it starts to look like a fake picture. Finding a balance between virtual and reality with a quality photograph will make more people click on your property.

  1. Deciding the Target Market

If your property is in Sydney, you can’t expect someone from New York suddenly wish to settle there. So both nationally and internationally, understand the tentative customer base for your property. One needs to work on the target market for selling a product. Advertising to the right people has to reach for the right reasons. Then people will slowly pour into your property to see the potential. As such, people who have worked all their life in Sydney and are retiring now or want to settle in Sydney forever might be your potential clients. And a property stylist can help you to find the right people.

  1. Depersonalising the Space

A big part of styling a space is depersonalising it so new people can see a glimpse of modernism rather than your nostalgia ride. One has to be practical about it if one wants a massive number on auction day. So, hire the right people who can change certain aspects of the place with the trendiest furniture or wall colour. This way, it will get a more contemporary look and make people more lucrative about it.

  1. Unlocking the Full Potential of the Property

Sometimes, properties are cluttered with old styling and furnishing that kill the space in the worst ways. From conventional wardrobe to wall wardrobe, this tells you the story of using most of the space. So when you put a property out for sale, ensure that it has open spaces that the buyer can fill. If the buyer feels that the place is too clattered, they will go for another one where they can design the property themselves. Overall, ensure that the inner part of the property gives a sense of bareness on which a buyer can work.

The biggest Australian real estate price drops between May 2022 and January 2023 occurred in Sydney (13%). In Greater Sydney alone, 64 million-dollar suburbs fell to six-figure values. Meanwhile, logistically, it should not be very difficult to do property styling in Sydney because it is one of the most important cities in the world where people are always searching for quality properties. But to provide that quality, one might need changes to fit the modern-day property race. So, take the help of the internet to make that happen.

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