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As a business owner, you must have owned a website for which you must have bought web hosting. Maybe you have already opted for any shared hosting, but the biggest drawback that shared hosting has is security. London is the capital city of the UK and the businesses that this place owns are very diverse.

A dedicated server web hosting will help you to grow the business in London with great security. It will manage the high traffic load and give a boost to the site performance. In order to give you that, Serverwala offers the best London Dedicated Server with maximum features that will make your website much more user-friendly.

Drawbacks of Shared Web Hostings

As we know, most of the new businesses are hosted by Shared Hostings. Initially, it’s good to host your website on shared hosting but when your business grows, you need to transfer your website to good web hosting which is a Dedicated Server. There are some of the features that will count as drawbacks like:

Limited Resources

Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting both give limited resources to their users, as they are shared. But as compared to Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting provides more space and authority to the server.

However, In comparison to both the web hostings, London Dedicated Server provides maximum resource limits with maximum flexibility. It smoothens the website’s performance. You can also buy additional resources and storage with extra charges.


Security is the primary factor for any website. So that the site is protected from any malware attacks. But in shared hosting, there is no such guarantee. As your server is shared with multiple websites, you do not have the right to install any personal security software.

So A Dedicated Server Web Hosting gives you this advantage and makes your website stronger than before.


Hostings like VPS and Shared, have limited storage for the website’s data. There are many websites connected to one server, so you get limited SSD Storage. However, in a dedicated server, you will have maximum SSD Storage. You can even buy more at an additional price.

Why Should Choose Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in London?

Dedicated Server London

Serverwala launches its Dedicated Server Hosting in London. It is the best data center company and has shown its worth over some time. This leading company has thousands of clients all over the world. Serverwala recognizes to offer advanced features like scalability, flexibility, and prime security.

Overall, we can say that they provide the best Dedicated Server in London, The UK. They also provide the most affordable dedicated server as a budget-friendly web hosting to their customers.

Serverwala: London Dedicated Server Features

Dedicated Server in London

Some of the best features that you will have are by transferring your site to a Dedicated Server with Serverwala.

Enhanced Security

A dedicated server is popular for the rich security that protects your server from malware attacks and viruses. People having bad experiences with shared hosting are switching to a dedicated server because of security.

Here Serverwala helps you to experience great security with enhancement. For the sake of the security of your website, they come up with a great plan in which you can install your security software or application. London Dedicated Server provides an unshared security feature with unshared resource limits.


Customers can customize their sites as their needs. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server London offers its users to make required improvements related to RAM, CPU, disk space, and so on. Clients would be able to have the option to design different settings of the server according to their necessities. Their Higher flexibility means greater performance and higher performance of your website.

Infrastructure Reliability

Serverwala has a potent and robust infrastructure that guarantees high power and higher dependability for its customers. Their London Dedicated Server provides the expandable power resources and it would be streaming even at traffic stakes. So, they ensure that you will not experience any issue related to infrastructure.

Unique IP Address

Each Server comes with distinct IP Addresses. With Shared Web Hostings, where you have shared resources that means, a shared IP address also. Multiple websites will share a single IP Address. If there is any website that is a spam or adult site then it will also affect your site too.

However, Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server London offers a Unique Id. You can opt for any IP address that is IP4 or IP6. It provides an isolated hosting environment, you can even buy more IP addresses at an additional cost.

Customer Support

One of the main benefits that you will get with Serverwala’s London Dedicated Server is their great Customer support services with Well Skilled technicians. There are thousands of people that are connected with Serverwala’s Web Hosting services. Their problems are resolved quickly within 24 hours. They even assist you to set up your software or anything you needed on your server.


Hence, considering the great advantages it offers, there is not a single reason why a website that is hosted on shared web hosting should not transfer its website to Dedicated Server Web Hosting London. A Dedicated Server is a fully worth money that takes special care of an exceptional level of administration. Transferring to Dedicated Server you will have great security, powerful performance, easy customization, and more useful features to boost your website ranking.

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