Benefits Of a Managed Dedicated Server

The managed dedicated server sounds like a huge investment for a website. Dedicated hosting is a suitable option for a business that needs better security, flexibility, and authority.  It is one of the best environments that enable your business to run smoothly because you will have access to the whole server. Moreover, it gives you major advantages over the situation where you share server space and resources with other users.  

Even if you do not have to skill to run the operation then a managed dedicated server will the best choice. It is the responsibility of the service provider to handle the technical aspects of the website. Moreover, he will release you from all the roles and responsibilities of server administration. If you shift to a dedicated server then you will get the following advantages:

Price value

Dedicated hosting is way more expensive than shared hosting. Since you purchase a whole server thus you have to pay that extra amount of money. However, dedicated server pricing depends on numerous factors. A well-known service provider will charge you more money than other normal service providers. Additionally, a reputed service provider will offer you a service that is more reliable.

The cost of the server also depends on the level of management you need for the business. While you can find plenty of service providers that offer different levels of management with features like software updates, security, monitoring, and technical support. Some of these features are free with the plan while for some you have to pay. The cost of these additional services is somewhere between $25 to over $100 per month.

Choice of platform

When you are choosing a platform for your business with a dedicated server then you have to use an operating system. In the market, there are numerous operating systems available from windows to Linux. Moreover, there are some additional open-source solutions like Debian and Fedora. Having a platform on your dedicated server gives you peace that you are familiar with the system. 

The benefit is that you will not have to adjust to a different environment. Thus it helps you save time and money as there is a cost difference between windows and open-source software. A managed dedicated server gives you more control over the platform and server as well. Moreover, it installs upgrades and applies patches that allow stable and exceptional performance.

Finding a service provider

Nowadays website hosting is one of the most competitive businesses. Managed dedicated server providers are numerous in the market hence you have to consider the price as a deciding factor. Try to inquire and gather information about the web hosting company and read the reviews of the company. Look for the service provider who offers 99.9% but you can also find a managed dedicated server hosting company that can offer you 100% uptime. Since managed hosting services are taken care of by the employees thus look for a company that provides you 24X7 support. 

Better security 

The biggest advantage of a managed dedicated server is that it offers better security than a shared server. Moreover, the service provider handles most of the security features like protecting the system against DDoS attacks. A dedicated server provides you with better security and protects your data. All your critical information will be safe in the data center.


If you think that shared hosting cannot fulfill your business needs then you can go for the managed dedicated server. It provides that additional room to your business and helps it grow. However, dedicated server pricing depends on the server you are purchasing. If you purchase unmanaged hosting then you have to worry about everything. In case you purchase a managed dedicated server then your service provider will take care of everything.

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