Can I recover deleted files using McAfee shredder?

McAfee antivirus is the one that users do prefer for the safety as well as protection of the computers and devices. The software program is really easy for the process of installation, activation and the other processes related to the software program are also very smooth and easy for the conduct. There are many tools also that are made by McAfee for providing a better experience to the users.  Here, further in the blog, we will be discussing one such tool that is McAfee shredder.

What is the McAfee shredder tool?

The McAfee shredder tool is something that is made by McAfee itself, the tool works on the removal of the locally stored emails from the computer. The tool removes the emails as well as other things stored on the PC that too permanently.

Recovery of files deleted using McAfee shredder

Well, that is really tricky, mostly from the system with the help of the McAfee shredder tool conducting a recovery often becomes complicated and problematic.  However, there is a process following which you can try recovering your file.

In order to recover McAfee shredded files please follow the steps given below
  • Please open the McAfee security product
  • After this, click on “Navigation”
  • Next, click on “cog” given at the top right
  • After this, click on quarantined and trusted items
  • Next, please open “quarantined files for individual items
  • You can also simply click on “Select All”
  • At last please click on “restore” for restoring the required item

Now, other than this, there is one more thing that is the recovery of the files that are quarantined in the Windows 10 operating system.  Users are stuck, with that also but now after reading the process given below things can fall well in place.

Recovery of files quarantined in Windows 10

In order to recover those please follow the given steps-
  • Please open the Windows security
  • After this, please choose “virus and threat protection”
  • Once, you complete it click on “protection history”
  • Then from the list of recent items you should start filtering quarantined items
  • After this, choose an item for you to keep
  • Next, choose the action “restore”

So, this is all the information that you should have in relation to the McAfee shredder help in uninstalling an unwanted program. If you have removed something from the system by mistake and now you wish to recover it then there can be nothing better than this guide. Users are requested to read and go through this guide very carefully if they really wish to keep the workings of the shredder well maintained.


If other than this, you still need to know anything more, anything that is not  here then, in that case, you should get in touch with the team of experts. you can ask them for help as and when required. The helpline is open all the time you can go to the team of technicians whenever you feel like it.  With the help, support, and guidance of the experts you can be sure for an instant as well as the most accurate solution.

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