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Why Should You De-Clutter Before Moving to Your New Home

De-Cluttering your apartments for rent in portland or is of paramount importance to you. You should complete this work before hiring your packers and movers. It will help you move easily.

Once you de-clutter your belongings, you are left only with the important items you need to move.

It will help you in moving quickly. Also, you don’t need to load unimportant things into your loading truck. When you have fewer things to move, you will be able to cut your moving costs.

But what is the immediate benefit coming out of it? Many people do not know the advantages of the de-cluttering process.  As a result, they do not get rid of them before their move. And then they have only option to take these items with them.

Let’s understand first what is the need for removing your junk? The reasons why you need to remove your junk are as below:-

Minimum Transportation Costs

When the weight of your consignment is low, you will have to spend a low cost on your goods. Weight is one of the biggest factors the moving companies consider while quoting their packers and movers price.

So, when the weight is low, your transportation costs will be low too. In this way, you will save some amount of money.

People who do not de-clutter their goods have to pay even for their waste items. So, the best thing would be to organize your waste items properly before moving. This way, you will be able to save a few bucks for yourself. Click here to know more about packers and movers: https://www.shiply.com/us

Less Time in the Packing Process

De-cluttering also helps you in managing your packing process perfectly. Once you have a few items left to move, you will take very minimum time to pack.

So, your packing will be much easy. You will already know what items to pack during your move. So, it will help you or your mover to speed up the moving process.

Minimum Packing Expense

Packing is an important task during moving. If you have fewer items, your packing expense will be minimum. So, try to figure out what items are important to you. Once you separate them, packing your products will be an easy job for you.

More Space in the New Home

If you want more space in your new home, start de-cluttering your items as soon as possible. When you de-clutter your goods, you will need only limited space in your house.

Suppose your new home is small. So, de-cluttering your items will be great for you. You can easily adjust your small items in the cupboard of your new home. So, the little exercise of sorting out your items will be much beneficial to you. It will go a long way in offering you a successful relocation.

Better for the Environment

Sorting out your goods is also advantageous for the environment. If you have fewer products to pack, you are saving the environment in an indirect way.

You will have to dump less waste after unpacking your boxes. So, it is also one of the reasons why you should go for de-cluttering your items.

Many people can’t figure out what items they need to remove during their move. Here are some of the items that you should remove from your house: They are as follows:-

Clothing That You Don’t Need

It is important to get rid of the clothes that you don’t wear at all. This clothing won’t be of any use to you when you move to your new home.

Expired Medicines

Many of us take our medicine boxes with us while we move. But it is essential to check which medicines are expired. It is advisable to get rid of expired medicines. These medicines won’t be good for your health. Make sure to throw them into the dustbin properly.

Broken Furniture

You might have some broken furniture in your old home. But you think of repairing it before you move.  Well, think again. It is better to donate this or to sell it off. A broken thing is of no use in your new home. Make sure only to take undamaged furniture to your new home.

Expired or Leftover Food

Make sure not to take leftover food if you are moving to a distant location. Also, do not take expired food with you. The leftover or expired food can be dangerous to your health.

Broken Toys

You also need to leave your kid’s broken toys behind. There is no point in taking broken toys with you to your new house. If they are your children’s favorite toys, then look for the best opportunity to get rid of them.

Old Appliances

We all have old appliances. These machines don’t work so there is no use in keeping them. Also, many of them might have been damaged. So, it is not advisable to take old appliances to your new place.

You can donate or sell them if they are still working. But in case they are not in a good condition, you can treat them as waste items.

Old Bath Products

Many items lie unused in our bathroom. The old lotions, empty shampoo bottles, and other old creams need to be managed perfectly. Check your washroom and sort out the bath items.

You need to separate the items in your bathrooms. Keep the expired items at one place and unexpired items at the other place.

Paint Containers

These are some of the common items found in a home. If you have used plastic containers, then it’s time to get rid of them.

They won’t be of any use at your new house. After moving into your new home, you would want new colors for your new home.

So, it is good to get rid of these containers.

Pieces of Metals

You may also have some pieces of metals left in your old home. It would be good if you leave them in your old home only. You can also sell them to the junk dealer if you want some cash for them.


It is always beneficial to de-clutter before the arrival of your Pune packers and movers. This will help you organize your move in a perfect manner.

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