Weddings in asia – Best Vietnam Wedding Planner in 2022-2023

Your wedding in Vietnam – could be the most interesting and exciting experience. But it’s not so easy to create an amazing wedding in reality. Wedding-in-Asia – it’s the best and the  most successful wedding planner in Asia. And despite the situation with Corona, our business is still on. 

Nowadays, a lot of couples are thinking outside the box and planning their escape from traditional weddings and going to choose Asia for their wedding day or honeymoon.

wedding planner vietnam

We’re on a mission to make your wedding planning a stress-free experience. We believe that our clients are people with a lot of work and they want to spend their time with the loved ones and friends without a huge number of problems.  And they would prefer to remember this day like the happiest day of their lives.  Our clients don`t want to be caught by the unexpected.

When people go on vacation, they like to feel in control.  That’s why wedding planners are so important to so many couples. They provide the expertise and organization to ensure their big day goes as smoothly as possible.

You can hire a wedding planner in Vietnam for your wedding. But should be careful. You need a professional planner who is  organized, someone who can manage the whole process of a wedding.

When it comes to weddings, planners don’t come cheap. So if you don’t want to overspend on your wedding, you might have to do the planning yourself. You can find planners in your local area. Just check out their website and read their customer reviews. This way, you know whether you can trust them or not.


wedding in vietnam planner

How much do event planners charge for weddings in Asia?

A professional wedding planning agency will help you to organize your wedding from 0 to the Big Wedding Day. So if you are dreaming about your Great Asia Wedding, it`s better to start to communicate with your wedding planner at least 9-12 month in advance.  And the average rate will depends from the country or city you are going to have your wedding in. And it could change from 4000$ to 50000$ and more.

Is wedding in Asia expensive?

So you`v already decided to have your Big Wedding Day in Asia, you should think about your budget. A wedding in Asia usually costs from 1000$ to 60000$ or even more.  And the number of weddings in Asia is booming as wealthy people want a good wedding in the place they haven`t been before.

Wedding- in- Asia is organizing ceremonies in Vietnam since 2017.  From Muine and Nha Chang to Da Lat and Ha Long Bay

And since 2018 we`ve launched 2 new destination, including Phu Quoc Island – a real paradise with amazing views.

wedding ceremony in Vietnam is beautiful and affordable. Since 2013, we have been holding wedding ceremonies in Vietnam for guests from  from all over the world.

We believe that our huge advantage that Wedding-In-Vietnam agency are providers but not dealers.

Wedding planners are usually the first point of contact for people planning their big day. There are many questions to answer. For example, “When do I need them?” “How much will it cost me?” And “What should I wear?”  And we will help you with this and will help you to full your Wedding Day with joy and happiness.

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