3 Ways To Feel Confident During an Interview

By hearing about the interviews, one may suddenly feel nauseous or start sweating profusely. However, in reputed institutes, the interview is one of the common ways to enter into such institutes. Hence, interviews are inevitable for students who aspire to have a successful career. These are some of the admissions norms that students need to adjust to, and interviews are one of the criteria that must be mastered. Being confident does not mean one has to know everything. This is one misconception that has existed among peers for a long. Being confident means that we can communicate well, present ourselves well, and speak honestly about the dreams that a student may have. It is about giving answers (it does not matter right or wrong) without hesitation or stammering. It is essential to speak during an interview rather than numb from anxiety.

The following are some of the tips that can help crack interviews in educational institutions for admissions:

Introduction Preparation:

The interviewers often begin an interview with the introduction. They first introduce themselves, followed by asking for the candidate’s introduction. The introduction should be short, already planned, and practiced well. It should give you enough information despite having certain details already mentioned in your application. They still would like to hear you speak about yourselves and this also gives them an idea about the communication skills.

Practice Interviews:

Gather your friends to practice for the interview. A mock practice or two is worth the time as long as it is helping you build the confidence you need when you appear for the real interview. This would also involve preparing and practicing the introduction part as well. One can also practice in front of the mirror.


The interviews for admissions are always expected to be technical, and one should be aware of the subject knowledge to answer the technical questions asked. It is always a better option to prepare for it a few months before rather than at the last moment. When you are sure about the interview syllabus, it is always important to have a study plan to aid in studying the subjects of interest. Preparation is important to be confident during the interview.

It is always advisable to watch example interview videos and motivational videos a day before the interview. Meditation can also help in keeping the mind calm and induce confidence. Sleeping well and eating a balanced diet are also important before the interview, especially when a student gets anxious often about interview setups. Communication skills are greatly affected when one is nervous. Although one is a bright student, the performance during an interview matters the most. It is a test of time, and it is important to perform extremely well, leaving no chance for rejection. Confidence is the key to crack interviews, and hence, one should remain calm during the entire time of the interview.

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