Trying To Configure TP-Link TL WA850RE Extender? Get Ultimate steps

Do you want to maximize the WiFi speed of your wireless router? So you can efficiently maximize it by installing the Tp-Link TL-WA850RE Extender. Because it is a Wi-Fi extender that is ordinarily used to improve or maximize the Wi-Fi speed of your existing network. This range extender completely boosts the Wi-Fi signals & offers a reliable internet connection. With the TP-Link TL WA850RE extender, you will be able to get the Wi-Fi signals in all nooks & crannies of your home. Because the range is specially devised to cover the whole home. But to enhance the Wi-Fi speed with this range extender, you need to complete the setup. If you do not set up the range extender then it will not catch the signals of the router. To receive a signal from the router, you need to perform the range extender setup. 

As well, the Tp-Link TL-WA850RE Wi-Fi range extender provides W-Fi connectivity for wired devices. Because it supports a LAN port, wired devices readily make the connection. If you wish to configure the range extender, then you need to obtain the login page. Moreover, to log in to the extender the tl-wa850re default wifi password is also necessary. Without this password, you will not be able to log in. 

Why is it necessary to configure the TP-Link TL WA850RE Extender?

If you want the network connectivity of the  TL-WA850RE Range Extender to be steady and speedy, then you have to configure the setting for that. Because to use any device, it has to be configured. Along with this, the setting of the extender is to be a must. If you do not configure the setting, your device may not work properly. And the WiFi speed can also be slow. In other words, if you do not configure the extender then you may have to face many problems.

Thus, to amplify or robust the network connection, the configuration of the Tp-Link Wi-Fi range extender is very necessary.

Ultimate steps to configure the TP-Link TL WA850RE Extender

If you want to configure WiFi Range Extender then you can do it in three ways. You can use the WPS button, the mobile app, and the web-side utility to configure the extender. The steps are given below in detail.

Configure the extender with the WPS button

If you want to configure the range extender with the WPS button. So this is the easiest configuration method. Because no cable is required in this connection. You just have to take care of the distance between the extender & the main router. Because the distance is extremely more then this connection is not possible. You will need to attach the extender to a wall outlet for configuration with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button. But keep in mind that the extender has to be plugged near the router itself. Also, check that your wifi is the power of the router. If it is not, hold the power button & shut ON the power. 

Then you have to go to Tp-Link TL-WA850RE Extender and find and hold the WPS button. Then you have to go to the router and hold its WPS button. Now you have to wait till the LED light turns green.

Configuration of Tp-Link TL-WA850RE extender with web-based utility 

You can also configure the Tp-Link range extender with the web-based utility. But in the configuration method, you will need a web address or local IP address. To do the configuration, you have to launch any web-based utility such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, & many more. On the address bar, enroll http //192.168.l.0.254 tp link extender web address. Afterward, you will get the admin panel. 

After logging into the TL-WA850RE extender, you will see the network name of your router. You need to click the network name of the main router. After that, it will ask for the password of the router. You have to enroll the password, click Connect section. 

Mobile app configuration 

If you wish to configure the Tp-Link TL WA850RE extender with the mobile app, you need to install the app. To the Tp-Link extender, the Tether app is available. You go to the app store and search the Tether app. After that, tap the install or get the option. After installing the Tether app on your mobile phone, you have to launch it. Then, log in by using the Tp-Link ID. 

On the home setup wizard of the tether app, you will find the + tab. You have to tap this tab, & connect the extender. Afterward, you have to visit the setting & follow app on-screen instructions to complete the configuration.

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