Top 7 places to explore in Karjat

Are you searching for a special vacation to a little town where majestic mountains are covered in lush vegetation? So then, Karjat is the destination to go to for the ideal weekend escape. It is a stunning location nearby Pune that has some of the best attractions just waiting to be discovered. Let’s discover the top attractions in Karjat or Kotligod so you can have a special trip with your dear ones. Along with that, you must know the benefits of booking the Modi Resort Karjat for relaxing.

Try to schedule your trip to this tiny hill station during the rainy season. The finest time to visit this location is now, when its roaring rivers, gushing rivers, tall mountains, and deep valleys surrounded by lush vegetation are all shrouded in fog. You would want to come here again and again since it is so tranquil and soothing. Individuals with a religious inclination should look out the river Ulhas and some of the religious sites scattered across Karjat.

Karjat offers a variety of tourist destinations to satisfy the tastes and interests of any traveller. You’ll be charmed by its scrumptious sceneries and genuine beauty of nature. Take part in thrilling activities that will make your adrenaline flowing, such as hiking, trekking, water sports, rock climbing, and much more. Let’s glance at the tourist attractions in Karjat that you should put on your sightseeing tour.

  1. Kondana Caves

Set off to discover the well-known Kondana Caves, renowned for its challenging hike and breathtaking beauty. These historic Buddhist caves will astonish you with their mind-boggling miracles. It is surrounded by the splendour of nature, situated among lush hills. Some of the oldest and most primitive Buddhist stupas and artworks are kept in this amazing cave. Visit the nearby falling waterfalls to hear the calming sounds of water. Take the initiative to take your children to this cave if you are traveling with children. They will get a look at their prehistoric past as a result.

  • Ulhas Valley

The renowned Ulhas Valley in Karjat is another must-see destination. Words seem inadequate to capture the breathtaking splendor of this valley. The valley, which is bright green, radiates an air of celestial beauty. You’ll be fascinated by the tiny water streams and flowing waterfalls in the lush surroundings. It’s amazing to witness the water flowing into the profound valley even from a calm viewing point. Spend some moments here and take in the beauty of nature. It is the ideal location for campsites if you enjoy the pastime. While vacationing here with your companions, you can take pleasure in the enticing tranquility of the area.

  • Sondai Fort

It is a grand fort that offers beautiful panoramas of the area while being tucked away in a haven of lush vegetation. You may take in the breathtaking views of the Change Wadi cascade while touring the fort. You will discover Karjat to be utterly wonderful if you arrive during the monsoon season. You have the opportunity to experience trekking when you explore this fort. Parking your personal cars at the base village will allow you to continue on foot. Locals from the adjacent village are always willing to lead tourists on this beautiful trip. Bring a small rucksack with you and fill it with sunscreen, a bottle of water, and some food to consume.

  • Kondeshwar Temple

Karjat is renowned for its historic temples. The Kondeshwar Temple, which is one of them, is located beside a flowing river. Lord Shiva is honored in this temple. Thousands of worshippers come to this temple each year to ask the god for his blessings. It is all the more captivating because of its beautiful surroundings and positive energy. The Sahayadri mountain regions’ stunning peaks may be seen from the temple. Exquisite rock artworks are seen inside the temple, and there is a Shivling in one of the rocky caves. The landscape around the temple is abundant with beautiful waterfalls and diverse wildlife. Take a look at the area’s stunning Kondeshwar Lake.

  • Peth Fort

It is also a popular tourist destination in Karjat since it offers a sneak preview of the area’s untouched natural beauty and mesmerizes visitors. A little hill is where the Peth Fort is located. View the breathtaking hiking track that departs from the base village and takes you to this fort. It takes two to three hours to hike from the base community to this fort. The trek is a medium to difficult one for hikers. You may experience some of the most breathtaking vistas of lush hills and forests while trekking. This region is particularly lovely because of all the lush flora, especially during the rainy period. It has a fairy-tale appearance because of the gentle mist that covers everything.

  • Bahiri Caves

Very old caves can be found in Karjat, hidden behind lush vegetation. One of these is Lord Bahiri’s residence, the Bahiri Caves, which draws a large number of pilgrims each year. Its proximity to the Ulhas Valley adds to its allure as its elevated elevation offers breathtaking views. When you go to the caves, explore them and take some time to enjoy the wonders of nature. You’ll think the location is breathtaking. You can feel like a calmness has swept over you, establishing the closest connection possible between you and wilderness. It is without a question one of Karjat’s most inspirational locations.

  • Bhor Ghat

A trip to Bhor Ghat would make you think of one of Yash Chopra’s films because of the way the road is surrounded on both sides by giant trees, nearly preventing sunlight from trying to pass through. You’ll remember this journey to Bhor Ghat for a very long time because of its breathtaking splendour. With your friends and relatives, take pleasure in this exciting tour and get a peek of the beautiful places all around you. It looks like a gorgeous environment just waiting to be discovered and appreciated because of its proximity to the Konkan Ghat. And then, you might realize the reasons for reserving the Modi Resort Karjat.

There is a lot more to discover and offer in Karjat. As we come to a close with our listing of attractions in Karjat, we offer you a few of the best holiday destinations to make it easier for you to arrange a vacation to this lovely location.

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