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Tom Cruise Mapother IV is the only way to refer to the Legendary Tom Cruise. Thomas Cruise Mapother iii, an electrical engineer, gave birth to Cruise on July 3, 1962. In addition to being an actor, Cruise is also a producer. Tom has reached the age of 59. Mapother III Thomas Cruise, Tom Cruise’s father, was a special education teacher, as was his mother, Mary Lee. Electrical engineer Tom worked for In the state of New York. Tom was born in Syracuse. Marian, Cass, and Lee Anne count him as a big sibling. As an actor, William Mapother has a devoted following. Tom’s first cousin. He’s worked on nearly five films with Tom in the past; his ancestry is a mix of English, Irish, and German. And he comes from a Louisville, Kentucky, family.


Tom Cruise’s Biography and Wikipedia:

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is his full name.

Tom Cruise is his full name.

Nickname TC

Gender Male

Actor in the United States


Top Gun is renowned for its risky business practices.

More than just your weight and height.

In centimeters, he stands at about 170 cm tall.

the equivalent in metric measures: 1.70 m


Weight: 68 kilograms approximatively

The weight is 150 lbs.

Measuring Your Weight

Inches across the chest: 44.25

The waist is 32 inches in diameter.

Biceps: 16 Inches in length

Type of Body: Slim

Green is the predominant color of her eyes.

a dark brown shade of hair

Inseam: 9 (US)

Shoes – 12 (US)

Life in the Private Sector

Birthday: July 3, 1962

59 years old as of 2021

Syracuse, New York, is where I was born.

Cancer is the Cancerian Zodiac sign.

Nationality American

Syracuse, New York, is the place where I grew up.

Ottawa, Ontario’s Robert Hopkins Public School

In Ottawa, Canada, Henry Munro Middle School

University of Cincinnati’s Franciscan School of Theology

Education at the collegiate level (Drop Out)

Religion Scientology

Caste/Ethnicity: British, Irish, German, Scandinavian

Consumption Patterns

a spread of fifteen miniature meals

Throughout the day,

Favorite Pastimes: Parachuting, Scuba Diving, and Fencing

Honors, Recognition, and Accomplishments

May’s honors

As well as other things

Cynthia Jorge, the owner of a restaurant, is divorced and has had affairs with other women in the past (2012-present)


She is Mimi Rogers’ Wife (1987-1990)

In the words of Nicole Kidman, “It’s (1990-2001)

In the person of Katie Holmes (2006-2012)

Connor Cruise, an actor, is one of Tom’s children (born 1995)

the author’s youngster, Isabella Jane (born 1992),

Suri Cruise is an American actress (born 2006)

Thomas Mapother III, father (Electrical engineer)

Mary Lee Pfeiffer, Mary’s mother (Educator)

N/A for brothers and sisters

Sisters Lee Ann Mapother and Mary Mapother

Marian and Cass Mapother

Address for Tom Cruise’s Fan Mail


The address is 42 West. Two hundred twenty-two West 42nd Street The 12th floor 10036-7200, New York, New York USA

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Loved Things

Favorite foods

A few of my all-time favorite foods include pasta, lobster, flounder, and strawberries.

Favorite sports.

Football and Wrestling are my favorite sports.

Drink of choice



 I don’t have a favorite actor.

Grass as a preferred color

Not a fan of any particular film

Clive Christian Perfume is my favorite.

David Miscavige is a close friend.

Personal anthem of choice: Kanye West’s Gold Digger


The Bugatti Veyron, the 911, and the Chevy are among the automobiles in my collection.

Chevelle SS Mercedes CLK

Vyrus 987 C3 4V, Ducati Bikes Collection

The BMW S 1000 RR and the Kawasaki Ninja

Intangible Asset

$600 million is a rough estimate of one’s net worth (2021)

Tom grew up in a religiously strict Catholic household and was raised in a home where poverty was a reality. He later described his father as a “trader of tumult,” a “harasser,” and a “defeatist” who abused and beat his children. He explained that if something went wrong, my father would be the one to kick you out. It was one of the most momentous moments of my life. It was the subtlety with which he’d lull you into a false sense of security and then bang.


After all, was said and done, the conclusion was reached that ‘This individual has a significant problem. Try not to rely on him. He’s a bit of a jerk. Tom was born in Canada before his family relocated to Beacon Hills in 1971 for his father’s job. Robert Hopkins Public School was where he was educated. George Steinburg supervised Tom for the first time as he took part in a play. After that, he performed IT music at the Carleton Elementary School’s drama festival. Then his parents decided to separate when he was in sixth grade. After that, theymoved to the United States, where he attended Henry Munro Middle School.

In 1977, her mother got married to Jack South. His father succumbed to cancer in 1984. Tom went to St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio, on a short-term Catholic Church grant. Originally, he wanted to become a Franciscan monk, but he was expelled from the seminary because of his excessive drinking and subsequent interest in acting. Tom has attended 15 different schools over 14 years. First, Tom was a linebacker for his high school’s varsity football team. In the end, he has kicked off the team for consuming alcohol prior to the game. After that, he starred in his high school’s production of Guys and Dolls. In 1980, he graduated from Glen Ridge High School and went on to become a successful businessman. Location: Glen Ridge, NJ, is where the school is located.

T.J. Lowther Weight, height, and age:

Tom is the best-looking and best-dressed actor in Hollywood, and his eyes are green. Tom Cruise weighs about 150 pounds and stands at the height of 1.7 meters. Before Top Guns, Tom’s cruise teeth were misaligned, so he had braces put on; these braces aren’t noticeable. To the public, Tom Cruise’s hairstyles are a model. He styles his hairs in a variety of ways, including clean and shaggy hairs, as well as messy hairs. He enjoys changing up his appearance. Cancer is the sign of Cruise’s horoscope. He’s an American national who practices Scientology.


Tom Cruise’s Professional Life:

A young Tom has made his mark in the film industry. After completing his debut in the 1981 film Endless Love, Cruise starred in 1983’s The Outsiders. Tom was the male lead in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend. By the time of the release of Top Gun in 1986, Tom Cruise’s stardom had been cemented. His following theatrical releases were made in this year.

Academy Award for Best Film

The Color of Money was the film. He gained the Razzie Award for Worst Actor in Cocktail, which he starred in in 1988. Cruise’s first Academy Award nomination for best actor in a supporting role. Tom has won the Academy Award for Best Film for Rain Man and the Kansas City Film Critics Circle granted for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film.

Days of Thunder and Far and Away, both co-starring Nicole Kidman, were his next two films in 1990 and 1992, respectively. After Legal Thriller the Firm, he had critical success with Legal Thriller the Firm. Finally, in Neil Jordan’s Interview of the Vampire, Tom was portrayed by Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and Christian Slater in 1994. Anne Rice’s predecessor in the class novel was used as a basis for this horror show/drama.

Even though Rice was upfront about her displeasure with Cruise’s inclusion in the filming schedules, the film was widely praised.

Tom cruise’s filmography is extensive

Tom cruise’s filmography is extensive. Many of Tom Cruise’s films have been considered classics, including Tom cruise in 1996, which saw the release of Mission Impossible, which featured him as Ethan Hunt. As a result of his work on Jerry Maguire, Tom won a Golden Globe in 1996.

In 1999, Tom was nominated for an Academy Award and won yet another Golden Globe. Mission Impossible 2 was Tom Cruise’s second film role, which he landed in 2000. This series won him an MTV Movie Award.

Vanilla Sky and Minority Report were his next two hits. In 2003, Tom was nominated for a Golden Globe as best actor for his performance in an action film. The name of the show is The Last Samurai, and he appeared in Collateral and . War of the Worlds in 2004 and 2005, respectively. He was nominated seven times for Saturn Awards during 2002- 2009 and won once. In 2006 Tom performed in Mission Impossible III.

Tom Cruise past film projects in the ongoing list are:

Action-comedy film Knight and Day, in 2010

Mission: Impossible IV­ Ghost Protocol in 2010

Rock of Ages, in 2011

One-Shot in 2012

Oblivion in 2013

Science fiction and action-based film Edge of Tomorrow in 2014

Mission: Impossible V, Rogue Nation, in 2015

Tom Cruise horror movie The Mummy in 2017

Mission: Impossible VI, Fallout in 2018

Kubrick by Kubrick in 2020


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