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Reasons for early miscarriages

Celebrations and planning for a child begin the day a couple conceives a child. They show it love and affection even in the womb by caring for and watching over it. Miscarriage can be a nightmare turn out to be true. Despite all precautions and medical assistance, there is always the possibility of miscarriage. The causes can range from clinical complications to your own carelessness in some cases. Here are some of the factors that can lead to an early miscarriage and how to avoid them.

Infections caused by microorganisms

Infections in the genital tracts can be caused by microorganisms. These infections spread slowly and silently to the uterus and can have serious consequences. These outcomes include stunted growth and disturbed embryo development.

Abnormalities in the uterus

In many cases, the uterine walls are not strong enough to keep the embryo in place. The delicate tissue structure is unable to separate from the cervix, resulting in its destruction and damage. When heavy weight lifting is done during the first trimester, these abnormalities are common. Other reasons could include some awkward experimentation with your body through new activities such as wall climbing and so on.


Due to high levels of testosterone, polycystic ovarian syndrome can result in recurrent miscarriages. Insulin resistance is associated with this disease, which can also affect the uterine walls


Diabetes is a disease characterized by uncontrollable blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Both of these things are critical during pregnancy. If blood pressure is not normal, it can lead to serious complications in pregnancy. A ruptured blood vessel could result in your child’s death. If the mother’s blood sugar levels are not controlled, she may suffer a stroke. To avoid all of these issues, keep a diabetic’s and a healthy pregnant woman’s blood sugar and blood pressure under control.

Incompatibility of blood types

Even after keeping everything under control, many parents wonder what they are doing wrong. Their blood groups may be the source of the problem. There are some blood groups that are incompatible, causing the baby’s blood group to be ineffective with its mothers. In such cases, the baby dies from anemia. This is due to the antigens in the mother’s blood destroying the baby’s newly formed blood cells. This condition is uncommon, but it is treatable with the assistance of a doctor.

Preventing Miscarriage

  • Consume nutritious foods. Women frequently forget that they are the ones who require more attention. If you want your baby to be a healthy and strong person, you must ensure that the nutrients he or she is receiving are complete and adequate.
  • Consume prenatal vitamins. This may appear to be overkill, but trust me when I say it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Prenatal vitamins help your body prepare for the birth of another life.
  • Get regular exercise. To keep your body accustomed to all of the changes and to ensure that all of your muscles are working. Regular exercise is required, but not strenuous exercise.
  • Quit smoking and drinking. It is in your best interests and your health. To stay healthy, avoid engaging in any of these harmful activities.
  • Limit your caffeine consumption as well. Too much coffee and tea can weaken your baby’s bones.
  • Consume a prenatal vitamin. It is best to begin them before conceiving.
  • Maintain clean genitals. This will prevent any infection from forming in your genitals that could harm your baby.

Consult a doctor

Despite of all the personal care at home, you still need to have an expert supervision for your baby in order to avoid any miscarriage. This can be done by the leading doctors in your region. You can find gynecologist in Lahore or gynecologist in Karachi along with other specialized doctors across Pakistan at oladoc.

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