My Linksys EA6900 is not working with router

Linksys EA6900 Setup

You have to follow the process as mentioned here below for manual setup of settings for your Linksys EA6900 setup.

  • Connect the router’s power adaptor to a power outlet.
  • A cable is used to connect the router.
  • Connect your Computer to a numbered Ethernet port on your router using an Ethernet connection.
  • Disconnect the cable from the internet port on the router.
  • You establish a wireless connection with the router
  • Make that the computer’s wireless networking is turned on.
  • Connect to the private wifi names written in the computer’s quick start guide. If you really need to connect to the network, check the device documentation.
  • Go to in your computer’s web browser.
  • Select the Acceptance of Licensing Terms and Conditions icon.
  • Select the option to manually configure the router and then click Next.
  • Enter admin as the username and the default password as the password. This is where the primary menu appears.
  • After you’ve completed the process, tap to Save.

How to upgrade the firmware of Linksys EA6900.

  • A most efficient method of upgrading firmware is to do so remotely.
  • Go to Linksys EA6900 setup page and sign in. In the left panel, choose the “Connectivity” option.
  • Your option “Router Firmware Upgrade” will show there.
  • Choose “Manual” from the fall menu and then “Browse for Upgrades.” Then after, this will begin to look for a firmware update. When there is a need for an update, it will be carried out automatically.
  • You can also directly update your firmware. From the Linksys site, download the most recent firmware version. It’s best if you save it to your system.
  • Validate that the Internet cable is connected to your system. “Automatic” firmware update on the setup page. Select “Pick File” from the fall menu. Look through the firmware file you downloaded to your Computer. When you click Start, the firmware upgrade will start.

Linksys EA6900 Troubleshooting

  • You conduct a network energy cycle, restart your main router and extender.
  • Reconnect to a default Wifi connection of your linksys extender.
  • In the web browser, re-run the Linksys  extender setup process.
  • If the issues persist, reset the extender to the factory default settings.
  • For further information, see How to Reset a Linksys Range Extender to Factory Settings.
  • Clear your web browser’s cache and recent history.
  • For further information, see How do I remove the cache in my web browser?
  • Connect your PC to the default WiFi network of your Linksys EA6900 extender.
  • In the web browser, set up the extender.
  • For more information, see Setting up Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extenders.

Linksys EA6900 extender setup by using the WPS button.

  • Sign in to your router in the first step.
  • You interface with your router and resolve setup problems, you utilize an internet browser. You must, however, login into your browser until you can engage with it. Router Check can provide you with step-by-step instructions for connecting your router.
  • Your router’s homepage displays if you log in successfully.
  •  Just go to the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) tab on the router’s settings page.
  • You’re searching for a page with WPS configuration settings . WPS Settings Wireless Settings Wireless Security, for example, might be the name of the page.
  • Wireless Communication Security
  • Just use menu options and icons to get to this page.
  • Whether you’re successful, then the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) page on your router should display.
  •  Stop WPS.
  • Search for a check box that lets you select whether WPS is enabled or disabled. Note that you may not be able to disable WPS on some routers.
  •  Run the Router Check again.
  • Run Router Check again now that you’ve repaired the problem to make sure you’ve really fixed it.


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