Makeup Is Trending and Here Are the Looks to Prove It

Say goodbye to modest makeup. It’s time to shine with the latest cosmetic trends that are sweeping the world. Celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna all seamlessly represent the trend of neon makeup. Be bold and brighten your face with a neon makeup palette to make it stand out. At
. If you follow these tips, you can become a trendsetter and look like a neon master.
Aqua Crease
“Eye” light
Golden inner corner
Green slime

Makeup Aqua Shiwa

Due to the popularity of euphoria-inspired makeup, Instagram feeds are flooded with creative graphic liner pieces. What is the secret behind this quirky look? Don’t worry about getting the line right-a cotton swab is your best friend. Draw a line over the wrinkles with a neon eyeliner, but follow the natural curve of the wrinkles with a cream eyeliner and sweep slightly outwards. If you need to clean the line, just tap it with a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover. When satisfied with your line, top it with an angled liner brush and a matching shadow. This will assist in deepening the colour and keeping it in place!
“Eye” Lights
For a good reason, neon makeup has been the most popular cosmetics trend this season. This cosmetic trend may be worn in two ways with the help of a neon colour eyeshadow palette:
Keeping It Simple: If you`re not a risktaker and want something delicate yet eyecatching, the minimal neon eye makeup style is for you. You could use your neon eyeliner to create basic lined eyes or complex geometric forms, both of which are a fantastic blend of simple and striking.
Neon Eyeshadows: These aren`t for the faint of heart! If you`re fully devoted to this style and don`t mind rocking bright eyelids, neon eyeshadow makeup is ideal for you. Bright lip color combined with simple and neutral lip gloss steals the show.

gold in the corner

Yellow gold inner corner shadows and orange lips, and here’s the brightest beauty. This look requires a bold make-up dream team. A cream-colored foundation with matching eyeshadow. Apply yellow cream foundation to the lid, highlighting the inner corners and gently blending towards the eyebrows and center. Then finish with a glittering gold touch to complete the effect. Complete your look with black liners and orange lips to add drama. Want to keep it modest? Just apply mascara.

Yellow-gold shadow

in the inner corner and orange lip, and here comes the brightest beauty. You’ll need the bold makeup dream team for this look: A cream-coloured foundation with a matching eyeshadow. Apply a yellow cream foundation to your lids, emphasising the inner corners, and softly blend it up toward the brow and out toward the centre. Then, finish with a glittery gold pat on top to complete the effect. Finish your look with a black liner and an orange lip to add some drama. Do you want to keep it low-key? Simply apply a little mascara. kashees full makeup kit price in pakistan
green slime
This slime color on the neon eyeshadow palette is probably the biggest twist on neon green. This bright lime shade of Alison Brie is a 90’s Nickelodeon nostalgia and a bit high fashion. Exquisite, it’s a bag of everything and chips. Is best facial kit brand is fairpeel fair and care products
ready to conquer the bold new world of makeup? We are waiting to see your amazing photos!

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