Is Custom Pillow Shaped Boxes The Best to Pack Edibles?

Food packaging is a hectic process that involves too many procedures to retain the original form of your appetizing food product. As a manufacturer, you need to pick cardstock that is FCS-approved and thick to offer a secure shelter to your products. Whether it is a bakery item or another food item, a perfect packaging box that looks catchy and appealing is enough to grasp the attention of your end-users. Globalization has introduced heaps of ideas and trends that help you choose the perfect packaging box for your product. On this subject, you need to use custom pillow boxes that become the best choice for your brand. Let’s see why these boxes become the priority for our brand. 

Why Does The Food Industry Need Custom Pillow Boxes?

If you want to search for the benefits of custom pillow boxes for your brand, it is an endless debate because of having too much process for the packaging brands. You can get these boxes in versatile sizes, styles, shapes, and printing information to present your edibles in front of the target audiences. Now let’s see some valuable pros of customized pillow boxes for your brand. 

Best to Make Your Edible Spellbinding For Customers 

Pillow-shaped food boxes are best to captivate your target audiences in the industry. Such pillow boxes make your products engaging and worthy for your audiences. Plus, the application of quality design patterns offers life to your product packaging and makes them important for your target audience. On this subject, you can use multiple design options on your pillow boxes to give an elegant look to your boxes. Here is the list of some design patterns for your pillow boxes that you must love. 

  • Blurring effect 
  • Marbling design 
  • Floral design 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Abstract design 
  • Bold design 
  • Polka dot 
  • Summer strips 

Also, the use of polka dots with foiling strips is best to apply on the favor pillow boxes with brand name and wishes. 

Printed Pillow Boxes are Best For Branding and Marketing 

Print the required information on your boxes to make them engaging for your target audiences. So, think of placing a meaningful logo that makes your bakery or brand reputable in the river of rivals. The use of efficiently printed pillow boxes helps you to make their particular corner in the mind of customers. Add to this; when you print taglines on your food pillow boxes, you convey your brand message to your audiences. The brand name helps your company make every person’s word of mouth. 

Available in Multiple Sizes To Fulfil Products Need 

Such boxes are available in versatile sizes to complete your product needs. Small pillow boxes are best to pack a small amount of product likewise; 2 and 4 pieces of cookies or donuts inside the box. Also, if you want to pack a 1kg product inside the box, you must get large pillow boxes wholesale for your product from any trustworthy packaging supplier. Only you need to use the durable thickness of cardstock to construct pillow boxes for your clients. The best thickness range is 18pt, 20pt, and 22pt, of cardstock to stand out in the pool of clusters. 

Eco-friendly Cardstock Make Pillow Packaging More Graceful 

You can play a positive role in the industry by using eco-friendly packaging solutions and tactics that help you to build your brand recognition. On this subject, you need to use Kraft cardstock for your custom printed pillow boxes that print with eco-friendly ink-toners. Also, the use of Kraft is biodegradable and sustainable for your environment. 

The choice to Used Add-on as Per Your Budget 

The use of additional add-on makes your pillow boxes adorable. So, the packaging supplier offers multiple coatings and add-on options that superbly work to make your printed pillow boxes fetching and adorable. You can apply UV coating, foiling, embossing, debossing, and lamination to give a tremendous look to your pillow-shaped boxes. But the cost of the add-on is higher; sometimes, a newbie brand never affords them. So, pick the right add-on as per your choice that easily fits in your budget, and you can afford to make luxurious pillow boxes for the packaging of your product. 

Insertion of Handles on Pillow Box To carry Heavy Edible 

If you can pack 100 gm cookies and chocolate bars in pillow-shaped boxes, then it is difficult for your customers to carry them in their hands. On the subject, you can attach the handles on the top side of your custom pillow boxes wholesale to easily carry your product in their hands with other stuff. Moreover, such boxes are best for kids to easily hold in their hands to prevent any mess. 

Choose Pillow Box Color as Per the Theme of Your Brand 

Choose the best color for the pillow box to make your brand more visible for your customers. The sparkling color engages your audiences in buying your products. So, choose the color of your edible packaging that is fascinating to attract your users. Well, you can choose a 2-color combination for your pillow boxes, and you go for 3and 4 color printing. Pick the right shade as per your desires from the CMYK, RGB, and PMS color matching models for printed pillow boxes wholesale. Here is the list of some most wanted colors themes that are popular in the industry.

  • Muted color hues 
  • Pinks hues 
  • Nude shades 
  • Lime hues 
  • Citrus hues 
  • Bold shades 
  • Cool pastels 
  • Earthy tones 

Summary of Up Discussion 

The gist of the discussion mentioned above explains whether custom pillow boxes are best for your edibles or not. Thus, it explains that pillow boxes are easily available in versatile sizes, colors, and printing methods. Also, you have the choice to insert the handles on the top of your pillow boxes to easily carry your products. Moreover, you can choose any contrast and combination of color themes to make your pillow boxes esthetic. And, the use of add-on offers an opulent look to your food items and forces your customers to buy the product for the gift of favor purposes. 


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