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The popular website Tumblr has come under fire in recent months for a new trend called “creepshots.” This involves users posting surreptitious photos of unsuspecting women, often without their knowledge or permission. Creepshots have been widely criticized as a form of sexual harassment, and many women have spoke out against the practice. Tumblr has taken some steps to crack down on creepshots, but the problem persists. creepshots tumblr

A new Tumblr blog called “Creepshots” is gaining popularity among men who enjoy surreptitiously taking photographs of women in public. The blog features sexually suggestive or explicit photos of women, often without their knowledge or consent. Many of the photos are taken in public places like subways and streets, and the subjects are typically unaware that they are being photographed. The photos are then posted on the blog with lewd comments and hashtags. creepshots tumblr

A new website, creepshots tumblr, is becoming popular for its sexually explicit photographs of women. The website features pictures and videos of women taken without their knowledge or permission, often in public places. Many of the photos are close-ups of women’s breasts or buttocks, while others show women in skimpy clothing or engaged in sexual activity. The website has been criticized for objectifying and degrading women, but its creators say they are simply providing a service that people want.

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