Asus Router No Internet: What Are Basic Troubleshooting Steps?

Do you want a reliable internet connection for your home? If yes, then the Asus router is the most outstanding device for the whole house, as all these networking devices are readily connected. Along with this, the Asus router also has 4 LAN ports. Through these fast LAN ports, you will be able to appreciate the experience of internet connectivity in your wired device. In simple words, every networking device is competent in getting the experience of internet connectivity with this router. If you want to experience without network connectivity with this router, then you have to set it up. But before setup, you have to install your router. If you don’t set up the router then you will get Asus router no internet error. 

Furthermore, the Asus Wi-Fi router delivers high-speed network connectivity in the complete home. The dual-band network connectivity fastest the Wi-Fi speed & greater capacity. In addition, the Asus router supports different modes. Then, you can ingeniously configure the asus access point mode. Through the access point mode, you can connect numerous networking devices to the asus router. The access point mode allows multiple networking devices to access the Wi-Fi network connectivity. 

Predominant Reasons: Asus Router No Internet

If you are using an Asus router in your home and connecting your networking device. But if the router will not have internet then you will be able to enjoy WiFi network connectivity. So you have to know why there is no internet in the Asus router. There can be many reasons for this. Let’s discuss the reasons.

  • Asus Wi-Fi router technical glitch or software update
  • Incorrect installation of the Asus router
  • Broke cable connection or mismatch cable 
  • Unfinished configuration and setup of the router 
  • Firmware of the Asus router out-of-date
  • Internet connection is down by internet service provider
  • Not configure the wireless or network setting 
  • Router overheating issue
  • Incorrect placement of the Asus WiFi router

Basic troubleshooting steps for Asus Router No Internet

If the Asus wifi router does not have internet, you will have to solve this error soon. Because of this error, you will not be able to stream videos, online gaming, web surfing, and video conferencing. Let’s start some troubleshooting steps. 

Update firmware to the latest version 

The first and basic solution is to update the firmware of the Asus router. To update the firmware, you have to open the web-based interface on your laptop. Ten, you have to click on the search bar and enroll at, hit enter button. Then the login page will open in front of you, on that page you will see 2 columns. In that column, you have to log in by filling in the login username, id, and password. Then you have to go to Advanced Settings and click on Administration Settings. In this setting, you will get the option of firmware update, click on it. To update the firmware, click on the Browse section and upload the file. As soon as the file is uploaded, you have to click on the Upgrade section.

Restart your Asus Wi-Fi router

To completely resolve the Asus router with no internet error, you can restart the asus router. To restart the Asus router, initially, you have to turn off your internet modem. Then, you head over to your Asus router & hold the power button until the power status is off. Afterward, you have to unplug the internet modem from the Asus router. Also, uncouple the AC power adapter from the Wi-Fi router. You have to leave the router in a cool or clean area. After a couple of minutes, you need to again connect the router & turn on the power.

Verify if your Ethernet cable is plugged properly

Sometimes the ethernet cable is not properly plugged into the Asus router or cable modem’s LAN port. If the Ethernet cable is not plugged in properly then no internet error occurs. So for this, you will have to connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port. Along with this, you have to check whether the Ethernet cable is a tight plug or not.

Configure the wireless setting 

To resolve the error, you need to configure the wireless setting. From, you will be able to get the setup wizard. Afterward, you will see the wireless setting. Under this setting, you will be capable to configure this setting. 

Modify in the position of the Asus router 

You can quickly troubleshoot the no internet error by modifying the position of the Asus Wi-Fi router. You always place the Asus router near the internet modem. Along with this, the WiFi router should be placed away from metal objects, heating sources, devices, etc. Read more.

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