5 Types of Business Cards You Can Choose From

A business card is one of the essential identities for any business, irrespective of its field. When a businessman interacts with anyone and shares about his business, he can give his business card to that person so that he can refer to the information. 

A business card consists of basic information about the business, like the name, logo, contact details, taglines, and product and service-related information through text or graphics. So, if you have a small business or planning to start your business soon, you can get your cards printed by a business card printing services provider. Many companies provide such printing services online; you only have to search for them and share your ideas about the type of business card you want for your business. 

All kinds of businesses are available in the market, and you can make your business stand out by choosing a unique business card. And the following points list some common categories of business cards readily available in the market. You can choose any category and then design it uniquely:

  1. Trading Business Cards

A trading business card represents the owner of the business with a clear representation of the name, the field of work, and occupation. These cards are usually printed on small-sized papers so that they can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, or wallet. So, if you are planning to start a trading business, then you must get your cards printed on small-sized paper but make sure you use durable paper so that it doesn’t get ruined in moisture. Many experts suggest that a trade card should be made of plastic so it doesn’t get damaged. 

  1. Classic Business Card

This business card is printed on the standard business card size with minimum information without too much creativity. Businesses like law firms and corporate companies use these cards. So, if you plan to start such a business, then the classic style will be the best for you. 

  1. The Wild Format Business Card

Many business owners want to make their business stand out in every way, so they also get the business cards printed in unique ways. For example, most business cards are printed on standard rectangular-sized paper, but if you ever come across a circular business card, it will stand out, and you will remember it. Hence, many companies develop different ways to represent their business to leave a mark on the viewer’s mind. So, if your business is about creativity, you may showcase that through your card. 

  1. The Social Business Card

These days most businesses prefer communicating through social media platforms. Hence, they get their social media details printed on their cards so that people can follow them and get regular updates about their products and services. For example, adding Facebook or Instagram usernames to the card and payment QR codes makes it easy for your customers to pay from anywhere. As such, many business card printing services print cards along with QR codes so that the customer can easily access all the information. 

  1. Orientated Business Cards

You must have seen business cards in horizontal orientation because that is the most common and standard version of business cards. But, many businesses have started printing their cards vertically to make them stand out without going far away from the shape and size. It is a smart way to add a new touch to your business representation. This way, your potential customers will remember your business. 

These points list some common categories of business cards. So, you can choose one as per your business type and marketing strategies. 

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