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Your Living Room Sofa: How to Select the Right One?

The couch is one of the essential pieces of living room furniture. Choosing sofa sets require a thorough examination of the room’s layout, design, décor, style, and more. Because all of these things must work together to create harmony in the space, you must pay attention to every one of them.


Your 7-seater extended SUV may be a joy to drive about town, but when you need to parallel park it, you’re going to have a few issues. The parallel parking area is like your living room, and your Hummer is like the couch. It may be more comfortable to buy a substantial three-piece chaise sectional couch, but it would take up all of your available room in a studio apartment. It may be comfortable, but it won’t be so pleasant if you have to use a pole vault to walk across the room.

Many individuals pick couches that are either too large or too tiny for their rooms, although this may seem evident. Sofas shouldn’t take up the entire length as a general rule of thumb. A minimum of 18 inches should be available on each side of the couch. A sectional with a chaise should not reach more than halfway across the room if you want a chaise. Pick sofa sets online appropriate for your needs depending on your space and what you can accomplish with it.

Your Home’s Shape

There is no such thing as a standard living room. There is more variety in the places we call home than ever before in today’s world. If you’re decorating a refurbished loft, you may have to contend with exposed pipes and load-bearing pillars that may impede furniture placement. The available space in an apartment may be only square. It would help if you got a couch that will fit your room’s form.

Open-concept homes benefit significantly from using a sectional couch since it helps define and delineate the area. A large open floor plan may assist in distinguishing between the living room and dining room areas by separating them with a dividing wall. As you go throughout the house, be sure to notice any exciting design details like arched windows or fireplaces with storage. When choosing a couch for your area, consider the existing elements of the room and make sure that none of them will be obstructed by the sofa. Buy wooden sofa set in India from Craftatoz.

Stream of Passengers

Consider traffic flow while shopping for a new couch, since most people do not. The energy of a room may be significantly influenced by how people walk through it. This may seem a little New Age, but it’s accurate in both a philosophical and a real-world context. Entrance and exit from the living room should be unimpeded. It is possible to destroy the ambiance of a room by purchasing a couch or sectional that restricts the flow of movement and energy, making people want to avoid the area because it does not function. You don’t want to feel like you’re being kept prisoner by the furnishings in your living room.

It’s also crucial to keep your furniture out of the way of people’s entryways and other pathways. Consider reducing your table if you have to shuffle past it like you’re balancing on a precipice.

Take measurements of the width, depth, and height of your couch (bottom to top). Make sure you have 30 to 36-inch passageways between pieces of furniture and 3 to 5 inches of space between your couch and a wall while assessing your living area.

Purpose of Purchase

Consider how you plan to use your couch before making a purchase. Avoid being naive or sentimental. For all of your fantasies about reading your favorite book or entertaining a friend over tea, the fact may be that you’ll be spending most of your time on the couch binge-watching the latest season of Netflix. Investing in a larger sectional can be worth it if you like having guests around to binge-watch your favorite shows with you. If you’d like to believe that you’ll be hosting a slew of guests, but you never do, you’ll be happy with a couch that fits your living room.

Consider the number of people who will be able to fit on the couch at one time. Consider a three-seater sofa online or a bench-seat couch if more than two people. On the other hand, a two-seater is more comfortable for two people.

Sofa: Light Or Dark

As soon as you have decided whether or not your couch will be an accent or neutral color, you must choose the color of your sofa. The color of your floor has a significant impact on the color of your couch. It’s essential to examine if a possible couch would stand out in a sea of dark wood or carpeted floors. Traditionally big and upholstered, sofas may significantly darken a space since most fabric absorbs light. If you place a dark couch on a dark base, it will blend into the background.

Make the dark couch more noticeable if you’re going to put it on a dark floor. Create a visual separation between the bed and couch using a dark sofa online with metal or light wood legs. Make your sofa’s color stand out by placing more lightweight carpeting beneath its front legs. A coffee table made of softwood or metal may also separate the couch from the floor and define it. Buy sofa online India from Craftatoz.

The problems of a light-colored couch vary from those of a dark-colored sofa. Staining and wearing are the significant problems with a light couch. Please consider how the space is already being used, rather than how you want to use it, before deciding on a white or light couch. A white sofa in your living room may not be the best idea if you have a dog that likes to lounge about on it. Choosing washable slipcovers for a couch that children and dogs will use is a tasteful compromise.


Don’t feel compelled to get a matching love seat when buying a new couch. Choosing a pair of upholstered chairs to go with your new couch gives you additional design leeway. A pattern or texture may be used to tie the sofa’s hues to the chairs rather than match them exactly. More color from your color palette and more possibilities for furniture arrangement may be achieved by using chairs instead of a matching loveseat.

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