Xbox Gaming Console Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Extender? Simple Fixes

In today’s generation, every child is addicted to online gaming. Because in today’s time many new online games are coming. So that the children can play and enjoy themselves with their friends online. If you are thinking of buying a gaming console for your child, then we would positively suggest that you buy the Xbox gaming console. Because this game is the best gaming console. It includes many new features. If you want to play this gaming console with another friend then you have to be connected to your internet connectivity. The Rocspace WiFi Extender is absolutely the transcendent device for high-speed and high coverage. Because with this your gaming console remains connected and you do not even get interrupted signals.

As well, the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender works with a prevalent Wi-Fi router. This device is ordinarily used to maximize the wifi speed of your existing network device. Your extender will need to be set up if you want to connect a gaming console to the network extender. If you are searching how to setup wifi extender. So don’t search too much. Just press the WPS button and set it up.

Why is the Xbox Gaming Console Not Connecting To the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender? 

If you are connecting a gaming console to an extender’s network to play online games. But the gaming device is not connected to a wifi network. So you should know the reason behind it. There can be many reasons why Xbox does not connect to the Wi-Fi extender’s network. Let us see what are the reasons.

  • Maybe your Rockspace extender is not connecting to the Wi-Fi router properly 
  • Undone Rockspace extender setup 
  • Due to a corrupted firmware version the Xbox not connecting to the network 
  • More gap between the Xbox & Rockspace range extender
  • Not configure the Rockspace extender’s network name
  • In the network cable connection, maybe the cable is broken or faulty 
  • Not configure the network setting of the Xbox

How to resolve the Xbox gaming console not connecting to the Wi-Fi extender? 

After knowing some major factors, you should be able to solve the problem. With the steps given below, you will be able to know the solution easily.

Relocate the Xbox gaming device

Sometimes your gaming console is far away from the WiFi range extender. If there is more gap between them then it is obvious that your gaming device will not be able to connect to the network. So for this, we would advise you to relocate your gaming device. You have to install the Xbox gaming device in that room where your range extender is already installed. By doing this, the gaming console will be able to catch the network quickly. With this, there will not be any problem with their connection. So you can fix the issue by relocating the gaming console

Change the Rockspace’s SSID 

Sometimes the network names of your router and WiFi range extender are the same, due to which the gaming console is not connected. So to fix the issue, I give you the solution that you change the network name. To change the network name to open the wireless setting. Then you choose the Network Name (SSID) option. Under this option, you have to erase the old network name. And in its place, the new network name will be written. After typing the new network name, you have to click on the save option. Note that the new network name should not match the old one.

Configure the setting of the Rockspace extender 

If the range extender setting is not configured, the gaming console will not connect to the extender’s network. You can solve the issue efficiently by configuring the setting. To configure the setting, you have to open the web-based interface. Then you have to search by typing the http //re.rockspace.local extender local setup web address. On the login page, log-in details have to be filled in. Now you will see the setup wizard. You will find many settings on this setup wizard.

You have to go inside the wireless settings, by clicking on it. After that, you have to enable security. Then you have to change the wireless channel. You can also change the internet connection.

Verify & using other Ethernet cables 

Sometimes the ethernet cable you are using gets faulty or is not plugged in properly. So the solution is that you should probe the Ethernet cable. If the cable is broken, unplug it. Instead, use a new cable and plug it into the ports on the extender and Xbox gaming console.

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