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What are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a trans-like state that enables the individual to become focused, which helps the person to feel in control and open to new suggestions. Hypnotherapy helps the individual relax, feel calm and learn to gain control over undesired behaviors.

The individual suffering from the following medical condition should consult a trained specialist for hypnotherapy in Dubai.

Hypnotherapy helps with the following psychological and physiological conditions:

  • Sleep Problems: Most people who remain anxious and stressed suffer from insomnia. The work-related stress and personal life problems affect the sleep cycle and mental health. Hypnosis is proven effective in allowing the person to feel calm, which aids in sleeping. Also, people who sleepwalk are at a higher risk of injury. Hypnosis is proven effective in training individuals to wake up as soon as they feel their feet on the ground.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Irritable bowel syndrome affects the physical and mental health of the individual . The pain and discomfort affect body movements. However, hypnotherapy is proven effective in managing the symptoms of IBS. Gut-directed hypnotherapy helps the brain to communicate with the body. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and PMR allow the person to focus on symptoms such as nausea, bloating, and fatigue. Hypnotherapy enhances the functioning of the gut. However, the training takes more than four to six sessions.
  • Chronic Pain in the Body: The focus and concentration attained through hypnotherapy allow people to control their pain. The individual exhibiting signs of arthritis, sickle cell disease, and fibromyalgia suffers from constant pain throughout the body, which affects their functioning. Hypnotherapy enables the individual to focus on their body and symptoms. The sessions help them gain control of the physiological responses related to their medical condition.
  • Weight Loss: Hypnotehray helps the individual focus on the present situation. The openness to suggestions allows a better understanding of healthy food choices. The clarity through the trance-like state of heightened concentration enables the individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Verbal reinforcement through hypnotherapy assists the person to eat organic food and engage in physical activities. Individuals exhibiting signs of eating disorders can benefit from hypnotherapy. Hypnosis brings a positive behavioral change in the individual, which enhances functioning and overall health.
  • Helps Quit Smoking: Hypnosis helps individuals eradicate smoking from their daily life. Some people struggle to eliminate alcohol and drugs, which affect their mental and physical health. In such cases, hypnotherapy is proven effective. The focus is to replace cigarettes with another substance. Hypnotherapy trains the individual to chew gum rather than use a cigarette. Also, the person learns to associate smoking with a negative and undesired feelings such as a foul smell. It reduces the cravings, and the individual successfully eradicates the unhealthy habit from their lifestyle.
  • Anxiety: The benefits of hypnotherapy for anxiety are viable through the utilization of relaxation techniques, such as PMR and deep breathing. Hypnosis encourages the body to activate the natural response of the body by using verbal cues and images. The individual has to focus on positive aspects to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps reduce anxiety related to GAD, phobias, and medical conditions.

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