Vital Questions To Ask When Hiring A Long Distance Piano Moving Company

When it comes to making a long-distance move of unique items like pianos, it is mandatory to look for the most professional moving companies. Selecting the best one can assure the safety of your expensive items during a long-distance move. It will not be a wise decision to DIY your piano move. Thus, it is the most obvious to hire piano moving services Montreal QC who have experience in transporting such precious items.

The question that arises here is what to ask to check the efficiency of a moving company before hiring? In this article, you will get to know the most obvious questions to ask to check the efficiency of any moving company before hiring.

Hire Piano Moving Services Montreal QC, That Provide Insurance

It is critical to ask a moving company for the insurance. If a company, offering long distance moving services Montreal QC, provides insurance for your precious items, it will be best to hire those companies. Therefore, the company will be liable to pay if any damage to the piano occurs during a long-distance move. That is not all, and moving companies should also provide the insurance of their movers. They should offer the insurance of their vehicle used during the movement. All these questions matter when selecting a moving company. In case of damage, you will not be liable to pay that.

Time in Business

It will help if you ask about the company’s years of experience offering piano moving services Montreal QC. Therefore, you will be able to judge whether they can move your precious items or not. If a company has been working for several years and has dealt with various piano movements in history, you can trust. It means that they have good experience and expertise in moving a piano. The more the company has the experience, the less chance they can damage your belongings.

What is Their Estimate?

It is critical to ask about the estimates before hiring long distance moving services Montreal QC. Without an estimate, you can end up with unanticipated costs at the end of your moving process. However, if you inquire about the forecast before hiring one, you and your mover will see the actual payments after getting their services. Some movers charge extra costs for moving massive and precious items like pianos. Thus, it is mandatory to get an estimate before hiring one.


Having precious and entertaining items in your home is a blessing of a creature. The need to move them is a part of life. Therefore, it is wise to research and plan before taking any critical step in your life. 

Likewise, moving to a long distance of your precious belongings can be a hectic job. However, proper planning and hiring professional moving companies can provide you with an enjoyable movement. Kang Van Lines Warmly welcomes you to hire their moving services to get a hassle-free moving experience. We promise to deliver everything at our best for your satisfaction and convenience. Feel free to call us at 515 546 4600 or visit our website to learn more!

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