Virtual Private Servers- Key features & benefits

To benefit from the freedom of having your servers without incurring the high cost, you can use virtual dedicated servers (or VDS). Also known as virtual private servers, VPS services are intermediate services between shared and dedicated web hosting services. 

VPS is a pay-as-you-go model of splitting a server into multiple virtual servers. These virtual servers are managed by a hypervisor, a software tool that creates, manages, and destroys the VPS resources on each machine. Each VPS runs its OS, which grants access to a superuser.

Users can install any software, any OS, or any application on a Virtual Private Server. VPSs are capable of running an OS and can be rebooted independently even though they run on a physical computer sharing the software with the Virtual Private Server.

The properties of a virtual machine are equivalent to those of a physical computer.All virtual machines have the privacy of a separate physical system. 

Key Benefits of VPS hosting 

Even though all hosting solutions offer some advantages and disadvantages, VPS hosting is undoubtedly the winner when it comes to perks. It offers tremendous benefits to your business. To help you understand how VPS hosting is the winner, below we are listing some major benefits of using VPS hosting. 

No noisy neighbors 


With a virtual private server (VPS), you can share the server hardware with other users, but your data is secured and backed up on a private and secured area of the hard drive. A reliable VPS provider prevents any server resource problems before they impact your business.

Dedicated Resources

Cheap VPS server hosting has another advantage – all of the server resources are dedicated to you. In most cases, a VPS is more powerful than a shared server. You do not need to share CPU, RAM, space, or bandwidth with anyone else. 


If you use shared hosting, your website’s performance will be affected by the number of resources placed on the server by other websites. Shared hosting companies are required to design their servers to accommodate a wide range of website configurations. A managed VPS can be configured to optimize your site’s performance. Since a managed VPS has more specialized configurations, organizations using managed VPS can immediately see benefits like faster performance. 


Even though a high-performance VPS will usually cost more than shared hosting plans, it will not cost nearly as much as dedicated hosting plans. With a reliable hosting service provider, a high-performance VPS will not cost much more than most shared hosting plans. 

Access & Control 

 Businesses that lease VPS hosting have the advantage of running only the software that they need. Many hosting service providers offer clients complete access over the server so that they can make the changes as and when they need. 


Your website might suddenly experience a surge in traffic when Season Sale promotions are on. In this case, you would need to scale your servers to meet the growing traffic demands. Sharing a server with another site will often cause this kind of fluctuation to grind to a halt. A VPS is usually capable of absorbing spikes in traffic, and if your site does need extra resources, VPS hosts offer upgrade options.

Improved Security 

The benefits of hosting a VPS include using virtualization technology to isolate data from other users. In addition, security tools such as web application firewalls, spam filters, and other configurations can be more stringent on a VPS. It is because a VPS server doesn’t have to work with different configurations as shared hosting. 

Use any OS & Software 

In most shared hosting plans, you won’t be able to run certain types of software. For example, most such plans don’t allow streaming or gaming software. However, with a virtual private server, you can select your favorite operating system. You can pick from Linux, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux, for example.


To get the maximum benefits from your VPS hosting solution, it is vital that you find a good service provider. A reliable service provider will offer you the maximum features at an affordable price. So wait no more and migrate to VPS hosting and give your business a competitive edge. 


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