An Essential Checklist for your Virtual Event

While you might think, it is complicated, if you plan well, you can easily host a successful virtual event. So here in this article, we provide you with the ultimate checklist for your next online event. 

Set Objectives and Identify Target Audience

The virtual event checklist starts with identifying your objectives for hosting the event and identifying your target audience. This exercise helps you make an effective event strategy to make it more successful. Once you are aware of your event objectives, it becomes easier to align them with the requirements of your target customers to develop a plan. In addition to identifying the target audience, you should also identify the problems, needs and requirements of the audience. 

Get the Agenda in Place

After identifying your objectives, the target audience and their requirements, the next step of virtual event planning are developing the agenda of the event. The event agenda should consist of every important detail of the event like the date, time, name of the speakers etc. Additionally, make a list of the various sessions that you want to include in your virtual event. You can also add quizzes and Q&A sessions to your virtual event. Furthermore, you must make the attendees aware of the event agenda as it will help them be prepared. 

Set a Budget for Your Virtual Event

You must have decided on a particular amount that you are willing to spend on your virtual event. Having a budget will help you stay in control of your expenses and find the right online event platform suited for your needs. Defining your budget will help you arrange the funds beforehand and avoid any hassle at the last moment. You can carry out your hunt for a virtual event platform depending on your budget. Therefore, make a list of all the tasks and activities that you need to perform throughout the planning process. Furthermore, make an estimate of the amount that will be required to accomplish that task. 

Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform 

Selecting the right virtual event platform can either make or break your event. Therefore it is essential to get your virtual event solution choice right. Before you go on exploring the various online platforms available, it is integral that you know your objectives, the needs of your target audience, develop the agenda and set a budget. This will help you make the right choice based on your budget and requirements. Customization, gamification, AI matchmaking, live event support and top-notch security are a few distinctive features to look for in an online event solution. In addition to the above, you must also look for unique networking features like business card exchange, networking tables, and 1:1 chats. These features contribute to the overall experience of your virtual event and provide a physical event like experience to the attendees. 

Social Media Promotion

Just planning your event does not ensure its success. It is even more essential to promote your virtual event. Social media is one of the best tools for promoting virtual networking events. Create dedicated event pages across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Additionally, you must also use email marketing and send out emails to your attendees at regular intervals to induce them to click on the registration link. Make sure your email adds value to the reader and makes them feel like the event will be of help to them. Also, add the link for event registration to your email. 

Onboard an Amazing Speaker

Getting a celebrity guest speaker to speak at your event can make it a grand success. Find a speaker who is popular among your target audience. This will help build excitement and suspense around the event inducing the attendees to register for it. You can also consider keeping the name of the speaker a secret and using this suspense to create hype. In addition to the above, make sure that the speaker you get onboard has a good personality and cracks witty and humourous jokes in between. He must have the ability to keep the audience engrossed with his speaking style. This will make it easier for you to hold the attendee’s attention for the entire event duration.

Live Event Support

While hosting a virtual event, you can’t expect to be free from technical issues. These small technical issues can take hours to fix. This in turn might make your attendees lose their patience and exit the virtual event. Therefore, it is essential for you to select a platform that provides live technical support both before and during the event. 

Conduct a Follow-up

Don’t think that attracting a lot of people to your event will help you achieve your event objectives. You need to follow up with the attendees after it has ended. It is essential to keep them reminded of the things they got to learn or the moments they spent at the event. Therefore, use social media channels to post about the event. You can also use emails to get across your message and convert the attendees into customers. This will help you achieve your event objectives and increase your sales or brand reach. Not only this but you must also ask them about their experience and let them share suggestions for improvement. This will help you get deeper insights into the choices and preferences of your attendees and help you improve your upcoming events. 

Conduct Data Analysis

Using the data gathered from the live event will help you identify the most liked and the least liked sessions. It is essential to hire a virtual event expert that provides real-time data tracking and advanced data analytics features. The data gathered through the online event software can then be analyzed to gain meaningful inferences from it. 

Summing Up

The points discussed in this article are essential to the success of any virtual event. Therefore, you must take these into consideration while planning your next online event.

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