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Vertigo refers to a feeling of dizziness without the presence of any external movement stimuli. A patient with vertigo can get dizzy, nauseous, motion sick, experience vomiting, & feel sudden spinning sensations.  All this can make a vertigo patient very anxious & afraid of getting dizzy & falling down in most professional and social situations. Vertigo occurs when the inner ear sends conflicting balance-related signals to the brain which causes it to feel confused about the exact position of the body in space. Here are provide some best vertigo Home Remedies for vertigo patients. 

This is what leads to vertigo patients experiencing that spinning sensation, dizziness, disorientation, & motion sickness that vertigo is known for. Vertigo is not a condition on its own; it’s a symptom of some underlying disorder.

This underlying condition can be anything from a cold or the flu, to something more harmful like a brain tumor, stroke, or cardiac issues. In most cases, however, vertigo is a benign, harmless condition that often goes away on its own within some time. When it doesn’t go away naturally, your doctor may recommend some vertigo treatments at home & some vertigo medicines to you.

These vertigo home remedies & vertigo medicines often ensure that your vertigo goes away for good, without resounding success rates!

Vertigo treatment at home:

Vertigo treatments at home usually include a ton of home remedies for vertigo that range from a lot of well-known natural treatments to some radical new treatments.

Some of the most recommended vertigo home remedies used for vertigo treatment include:

  • The Epley Maneuver:

The Epley Maneuver, also known as the canalith repositioning maneuver, is a well-known vertigo exercise recommended for quick & effective vertigo treatment.

Your doctor will usually perform the Epley maneuver on you in their office, or give you instructions to perform these by yourself.

To perform the Epley Maneuver for left-ear BPPV vertigo treatment, follow the steps below:

-Sit upright on a flat surface with your legs outstretched & a pillow behind your back.
-Turn your head 45 degrees towards the right.
-Now quickly recline on the pillow while keeping your head still tilted. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.
-Now turn your head towards the left making a complete 90-degree turn. Don’t lift your neck while doing this step.
-Turn to the left with your whole body in such a way that you’re completely on your left side.
-Now return to your original position slowly, looking forward & sitting straight up.

For right-ear BPPV, simply reverse the direction of the steps. Repeat the exercises three times in each set & perform every day until your vertigo symptoms resolve for at least 24 hours.

  • Semont-Toupet maneuver:

Similar to the Epley Maneuver, the Semont maneuver is also a natural remedy for vertigo that you can perform at home. Although it is less known than the Epley Maneuver, most studies affirm that it is just as effective as the latter. Performing the Semont-Toupet maneuver also requires lesser neck flexibility than the Epley manoeuvre.

To perform the exercise for left-ear BPPV, follow the steps below:

-Sit upright on a flat surface and outstretch your legs. Place a pillow behind you.
-Lie down & turn to your right. look upwards while looking in your left side.
-Now sit up quickly & turn to your left side, keeping your head still turned to the left. Now look downwards towards the ground.
-Finally, return to your original position slowly while looking forward, & sit up.

For right-ear BPPV, simply reverse the direction of the steps in each step. Perform twice every day in repetitions of 3 until your vertigo symptoms disappear for at least 24 hours.

  • The Brandt-Daroff exercises:

The Brandt-Daroff exercises are another example of vertigo exercises used for vertigo treatment at home. These exercises utilize gravity to help dislodge the calcium crystals that mistakenly get dislodged inside the semicircular canal of the inner ear.

Follow the steps below to perform the Brandt-Daroff exercises for left-ear BPPV vertigo treatment.

-Sit in the middle of your bed with your feet on the floor & turn your head 45 degrees towards the right.
-Lie down on your left without moving your head. In this position, wait for 30 seconds for the dizziness to pass. Then, wait another 30 seconds.
-Return to the original position, & wait for another 30 seconds for any dizziness to pass.
-Next, turn your head 45 degrees towards the left & repeat steps two & three on the right side.
-Return to your original position and hold the pose for about 30 seconds.
-Perform one set of five repetitions on both the right & left.

Perform these exercises for vertigo once in the morning & another during the night. Keep performing for at least 2 weeks or until you experience no symptoms for at least 24 hours.
For right-ear BPPV, simply reverse the direction of the steps.

  • Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo Biloba is an effective vertigo treatment at home. Taking Ginkgo Biloba every day in the quantity recommended by your doctor is as effective a vertigo treatment method as some vertigo medicines. Ginkgo Biloba helps you maintain your balance & become more centered in everyday life. You can purchase it in either tablet or liquid prescription format, & it is easily available in most pharmacies around the world.

  • Stress management techniques:

Stress is an everyday phenomenon, which is known to contribute to worse outcomes for patients with vertigo & Meniere’s Disease. Both of these conditions are found to be triggered or made worse by the presence of excessive stress in the patients’ lives. Indulging in healthy coping methods to reduce the amount of stress in your daily life is an effective natural remedy for vertigo treatment. It also acts as an effective vertigo home remedy for other forms of inner ear & balance disorders.

  • Staying hydrated & getting enough sleep:

If you stay hydrated & get proper amounts of sleep throughout the day, you’re less likely to experience sudden & rapid attacks of vertigo. You’re also less likely to experience dizziness, motion sickness, & other forms of balance disorders. Staying hydrated & getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night are some of the most effective ways to counter dizziness and are some of the best vertigo treatments at-home methods.


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