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Uploading Photos from Computer to Instagram

How to Enter Instagram from Computer?

With the development of the communication network, Instagram has strengthened its place in human life. And access to the Instagram application has become available from many mobile devices. The easiest and most optimized entry is provided via computers. And how to enter Instagram from computer? How to change Instagram profile from computer? And What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram from a computer too?

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How to Enter Instagram from Computer?

Because Instagram is very easy to use on mobile devices as well as computers. Again for this, all you need to do is to write Instagram in the browser on the computer. So, It is possible to log into Instagram via any browser. As a successful login can be achieved by typing the user name than password on the main page that opens. But it’s a bad deal too.

Can Instagram be downloaded to computer?

But Instagram carries versions compatible with many devices too.

The steps to be followed to download the Instagram application to the computer are briefly as follows;

  • As a computer with an up-to-date version can easily download applications.
  • Access the updated computer’s browser or store.
  • Instagram download is written in the browser or, in the search section of the computer’s own store.
  • The original of the Instagram application is selected and the download button is pressed.
  • The downloaded Instagram is automatically installed on the computer.
  • Click on the Instagram icon and log in with the desired username and password.

Uploading Photos to Instagram from Computer

Your Uploading photos to Instagram from computers, that provides a very practical use, and it’s more useful than other mobile devices. And here are the steps to upload photos to Instagram from a computer are briefly as follows;

  • You must log in to your Instagram account from the computer.
  • Right-click anywhere with the mouse to share the post.
  • In Addition, Click the mobile device option from the list at the top of the window that appears.
  • The desktop view of Instagram will change to the mobile device view.
  • For this, it is enough to follow the steps on mobile devices.

Changing Instagram Profile from Computer

Changing the Instagram profile from the computer is quite simple as on the phones.

Login to Instagram account from computer.

Go to their profile page.

Click on the profile photo.

From the tab that opens, click on the photo file on your computer.

Select a photo and hit the upload button.

Moreover, he resolutions of the photos on the computer are higher than the others.

Advantages of Using Instagram from Computer

In addition, Compared to other devices, using Instagram from the computer is very advantageous. Some of these advantages are briefly;

  • Computers have more internet access.
  • Charge life is longer.
  • Its large screen and brightness are more comprehensive than other devices.
  • Keyboard is more comfortable to use.
  • High-quality photos and videos are easier to upload.
  • It allows you to view photos from a wide angle.
  • Programs are easily accessible for photo and video editing.
  • The number of posts falling on the home page is more.
  • It provides the opportunity to access more shares.
  • Increases keyboard dominance power.

Disadvantages of Using Instagram from Computer

Instagram; It is a very common platform to use. So, There are some disadvantages as well as advantages of using Instagram from a computer. But some of these disadvantages are as follows;

  • Your Computer screen are much larger than phones. That’s why, it causes physical and psychological fatigue.
  • Makes you antisocial.
  • Increases the waste of time.
  • It weakens the sense of self.
  • It weakens the connection with the outside world.

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