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Top 5 Different Hairstyles Of Braids

Braids are one of the oldest hairstyles, which are still trending worldwide. You can go with any hairstyle when you are doing braids. It makes you have an authentic look with the best kind of looks. If you are having trouble braiding your fine hair, you can style it with the braided lace front wigs. It all comes down to the kind of style that you are going for. Check below to find the best-braided hairstyles with which you can style your hair!

Milkmaid Braids

braid down
The oldest braid which is still trending 


The milkmaid braids are one of the oldest braided hairstyles. It still earns its spot of being one of the trending braids. You can achieve this braid in very simple techniques. If you have fine hair, you can place your order on the braided lace front wigs from TGH and start your way into styling this hairstyle. All you have to do is firstly braid your hair in two simple braids and then pin it on the opposite sides. You can also go intricate with the styles and create them as art. The milkmaid braided hairstyle is surely a work of art that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.  


braid down with lace wigs
The hair braid goes with every vibe

Are you someone who loves being in trend? Well, if you are, these braided cornrows are the right hairstyle for you. You can get the braid pattern under the full lace wig, or if you have thick hair, you can achieve this hairstyle. It may take your time and effort for this hairstyle, but the result will be worth it. Firstly you have to section your hair into small partitions and braid your hair close to your scalp. The cornrow braids will last up to several months without any maintenance too. So, get this hairstyle and slay your looks

Box Braids 

braided hair
Trending braid with authentic style


Looking for an Afro-textured hairstyle that is still trending? Wear your hair in box braids to achieve some of the most iconic looks. Start by sectioning your hair in squares or like in the shape of small boxes; if you want to add a little volume, get the braided lace front wigs, and if you are looking to add on more length, then attach hair extensions on your braids. This hairstyle with box braids will give you the most beautiful textures hairstyle. 

Twist Braids 

curly hair braids
The easiest yet the most beautiful braid


These twist braids are one of the easiest braided hairstyles that you can get. You can flaunt this hairstyle for any occasion and event with its rope textures. You can achieve this hairstyle with the braid pattern sew-in under the full lace wig. Or, if you are going to go natural with this hairstyle, all you have to do is partition your hair into small sections and twist your hair. The twist will last up to months and requires low maintenance too. This hairstyle can be your next style for any popping event or occasion. 

Micro Braids

Braid which will give you an intricate texture 
Braid which will give you an intricate texture


If you are in for really intricate and small braided hair, this is the hairstyle for you. Although this hairstyle is a little tough to achieve, you can always use your patience in hand and get this hairstyle done. Section your hair in very small partitions and braid the hair tightly on your head. These micro braids are your hairstyle for an authentic style and effect. You can choose to wear this hairstyle with braided lace front wigs as the braids are tiny and tight. It will give you less damage to your natural hair. 


There are ample hairstyles with braids that you can try anytime and anywhere. Braids are the most intricate hairstyle that you can create to suit your attitude and vibe. The most important thing is getting the right hairstyle to achieve the best looks. So, merge in your creativity and create authentic styles with your braids. 

If you want to add more volume and length to your hair braids, then you can always place your orders from TGH to create some of the most amazing hairstyles for yourself. 


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