Top 12 delightful and intentional Christmas gift ideas for your special ones

Christmas is the most ideal time of the year. At this time of the year, we feel joyous and happy because of the festive spirit around us. We choose to spend some quality time with our family members and friends, adorn the Christmas tree, ride along the road to watch the lights, offer cookies or have a special Christmas theme party with our special ones. However, some people choose to relax and relish the special memories and the time. 

Apart from spending time with family and friends, the holiday season also symbolises offering delightful Christmas gifts. Sometimes it feels like the festivals just revolve around gifts, which ultimately overpowers the other joyous aspects of Christmas. Only offering gifts on Christmas makes the celebration feel materialistic, ready-made, and restless. To make your job easier, we have listed below some of the best Intentional Christmas gifts that you can offer your special ones.

  • Christmas cookies: 

Make your Christmas even more delightful by baking delicious cookies. Instead of buying those readymade cookies, bake them at your home. Such an attempt will truly brighten up your Christmas Eve. Your family members, friends especially kids will highly appreciate your attempt.

  • Christmas songs: 

Christmas songs give the feeling of togetherness and unite us in groups of special feelings and experiences. This Christmas, play your favourite song while adorning your beautiful Christmas tree. You can also bake a delicious Christmas cake or you can also place an order online and get it delivered to your home.

  • Watching Christmas movies:

Watching Christmas movies can give relief, happiness and sometimes even strength to tackle dangerous situations. Such movies give us the confidence to believe that everything will be fine someday and all we have to hold is patience and courage. Planning a special movie night with your family and close ones and truly make your special occasion all the more exceptional.

  • Decorate your house:

We normally don’t enjoy adorning our house or arranging our things properly, but when it comes to Christmas there’s a unique enthusiasm that gets into us. There are numerous Christmas decoration elements that you can get from the market like artificial snowflakes, fairy lights, wreaths, florals and many other items. If you want to send cake online to your special one, then simply choose the online delivery services and get it delivered shortly.

  • DIY gifts:

Undoubtedly, DIY gifts are always special and unique. They beautifully convey the heartfelt love, care and fondness that you always have for your near and dear ones. There is a wide range of DIY gift ideas that you can choose for Christmas like a nostalgic scrapbook, greeting card, Christmas plum cake, Gift hamper, Paper lampshade and the list goes on.

  • Roam across the city and watch the shimmering Christmas lights:

Christmas fairy lights shimmer all day, but they sparkle most dazzlingly during the nighttime. Watching such beautiful decorations can truly serve to be a treat to your eyes. Roaming across the city and watching the amazing Christmas lights with your special ones can truly make your special occasion unique and striking. 

  • Make a special photo card:

Simply create an innovative photo card by choosing the best picture of your special one. Alongside the photo, you can write down your desired emotions and feelings that you have for them. Trust us! This will truly prove to make an impressive gesture. Along with this, you can also send cakes online and double up the joy of your beloved ones.

  • Send amazing handmade cards to family and friends:

There are times when we cannot share with our close ones what we truly feel for them. Making a special Christmas card can make your job easier. A handmade card can convey your love and emotion in the best way possible.

  • Arrange a party:

Christmas celebrations are meant for a special party. Arrange a party and invite all your near and dear ones. Make a series of delicious food items that will serve their taste. By doing this you can spend some quality time with your special ones.

  • Host a party in your backyard:

You don’t need to host a lavish party when you own a beautiful backyard. This can be an amazing way to celebrate Christmas. You can decorate the backyard with some Christmas ornaments and flowers to make it attractive. Play some amazing games to make the party interesting and enjoyable.

  • Donate your college supplies and other unusable items to a local charity:

This gift can truly serve to be a thoughtful gift idea to celebrate special occassion. Donating your supplies and unusable stuff to the charity will convey the love and care that you have for the needy.

  • Bake a delicious plum cake:

There’s no meaning in celebrating Christmas without a delicious plum cake. This cake is specially meant for the occasion of Christmas. So, bake a delicious plum cake for your special ones and increase the level of happiness and pleasure.

So, these are some of the thoughtful and intentional gift ideas that you can implement to brighten up your special occasion.

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