This Is Your Brain on Edible Printer

You did something brave when you bought an edible printer. We have the right printer for you, whether you’re just starting, want to grow, or want to print your cake designs at home. We get a lot of calls from first-time customers who want to know which printer is best for edible printing, so we know it can be hard to choose. This short description of our edible printers will help you decide which one to choose.

Which printer is best for high volume?

The Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit A3 is a favorite among our business clients and people who print a lot daily.

Which Printer Is Best for Icing Sheets?

People who use A4 printers should get the Canon TS705 Edible Starter Kit. Even though it’s just a matter of millimeters, the Canon TS5050/inconsistent TS5051’s sheet feeding could make it hard to line up pre-cut icing sheets when printing. Also, the A3 IX6850 Edible Printer Kit works well with the icing sheets that have already been cut.

Do you have any software or templates?

Most people choose to make their templates using a program they already know how to use, like Photoshop, Paint, Excel, or Word. When you buy our pre-cut icing sheets, we’ll also give you some simple Word templates that you can use to make squares that are 1.25 inches, 2 inches, and 8 inches. Another option is the software at, which is easy to use.

Which printer is best for chocolate transfer sheets?

If you want to print on chocolate and can get your hands on the TS705 or TS5050 printer kits, we strongly suggest you do so. We don’t recommend the A3 IX6850 printer because the way it feeds pages may tear transfer papers.

Canon TS5050 vs. TS5051: What’s the Difference?

This is easy: the TS5050 printer is black, while the TS5051 printer is white. When put next to each other, there is no difference between them.

Is it simple to reload the Refillable Cartridges?

Yes, you can fill the cartridge by taking off the colored cap on top and using a syringe to fill the sponge and cavity sides to within three-quarters of an inch. Always load cartridges on the orange cradle, and don’t forget to wear gloves! Please don’t try to fill them while they’re still in the printer. Doing so will cause serious problems. You can find it on this website if you want to know more. Edible Ink: A Guide to Filling Cartridges

Is there a guarantee on the printer?

If edible ink is used, the printer’s warranty will no longer be valid. But if your printer has mechanical problems in the first year, we’d be happy to help.

Is it simple to print on edible material?

If you already know how to use a regular printer, you shouldn’t have trouble setting up an edible printer.

Which printer is the most user-friendly?

We sell printers that are easy to use, such as the Canon TS705, the A3 Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit, and the Canon TS5051 Kit. None of them is much easier to use than the others; they’re all pretty much the same.

How long till delivery?

Inside the UK, all orders are sent out for free the next business day. There is a cutoff at 2 p.m., so if you buy before, your printer will be sent the next business day (weekdays only). When you check out, we’ll give you an idea of when your package will arrive.

What if I don’t plan on using my printer frequently?

If you’re not going to use your edible printer for a while, you should take out the cartridges, put them in the orange holders, and clean the printhead. This will keep your printer from getting clogged up, so you can easily print that urgent topping.

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