Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Food Boxes

Custom Food Boxes

As stores enter into new agreements on how customers shop in-store, it becomes more important to create the right packaging boxes. Your packaging boxes are the ones that make customers understand your product in the first place. Accordingly, the competition in the food industry is getting fiercer daily. Thus, having the right custom printed food boxes for your items can be the best way to get your customers to choose your brand. 

In this regard, there are some important things to consider when designing your custom food boxes.

The Market Overview of Food Boxes Wholesale

Whenever we talk about presentations and special freedoms, the product packaging you choose should serve this purpose. Most importantly, the item must be packaged so that it can fit inside it. 

In the custom packaging industry, interest in labeling and packaging has generated nearly $450 million from 2020 in the United States alone.

This is due to the continued growing interest in the processing and marketing of products. Accordingly, this has allowed this industry to develop gradually over the past five years. 

The food and beverage packaging industry alone accounts for 50.3%. It is the largest market for packaging machinery.

In such a huge marketplace, food boxes wholesale certainly make more sense than it sounds. Damaged packaging, general corrosion, and wear are normal conditions that can occur to your food items. Food items, on the other hand, are a source of contamination during transport or transit. Thus, you need the right packaging boxes to protect your edibles.

Speaking of custom food boxes, below are some things you should consider when designing them. 

Provide All the Important Data

Custom printed food boxes allow you to explain to your customers the details of your delicious edibles. You know that you have to face intense competition in the food market. Thus, showing potential customers exactly what’s in your boxes just by looking at them is an important priority.

You can list calories and supplements on the front side (if your customers need to see this data). Or else, you can also write the amount of fiber in your items.

Bakery Boxes

Today’s customers are always choosing premium and exclusive items. This way, immediately highlighting this data will help you stand out from the competition!

Comply with Food Packaging Regulations

Custom printed food boxes consist of 5 or more unique layers. Parts from the outer layers to the ink were used to print an eye-catching design. The idea behind multiple layers is to ensure that the items inside will be protected from harmful environmental influences. However, there are three reasons why food can be in danger, even when it is placed inside the boxes. What are they?

  • The components of the ink move through the substrate and get into your food item
  • Subtle color from the ink goes to to the food during printing
  • A gaseous state of the ink can interact with the air inside the packaging

All three of the above methods pose a risk, especially to product safety. In this case, the ink chosen is very important for the hygiene of your packaging boxes. When you need to print your boxes, inkjet inks will be a safe and environmentally-friendly choice.

What Custom Printing Should You Use for Food Boxes Wholesale?

Yes, many different materials can make up a food safety name. However, you need to understand what you need for your food boxes wholesale to be. For example, does the box come into contact with your food item? In this case, you must use food-safe chemicals, adhesives, and inks.

Pigmented inks are widely regarded as the best choice for making food labels. For example, digital printers can accurately print full-color product names that are safe for direct contact. This printing method uses the latest innovations to print color inks at speeds of up to 150 feet per second.

Water-based inks are ideal for printed boxes on food boxes wholesale. Eco-friendly water-based inkjet inks are reliable, superior, practical, and versatile. You can print directly on the boxes because it is safe for food items. 

How to Make Your Custom Printed Food Boxes More Alluring?

The best technique to make your meals more attractive at the boxes is to apply strong point substances like silver foils or holographic foils. These smooth labels will drag every single eye on your delicious edibles. 

Another convincing technique to grab the maximum interest is to apply a tremendous logo. This will ultimately create a unique aspect. Eventually, customers will remember your brand for a longer time.

food boxes

For example, you can emboss your brand logo on your bakery boxes. This technique will make your brand pop up. What’s more, a foiling technique will deliver a bright appearance to spotlight your packaging boxes. 

These points, in the end, will characterize that your items in custom printed food boxes are more awesome than others around them. Most importantly, you can show customers how premium your brand is. 

Wrapping Up

Having appealing custom food boxes that stand out is what every food brand should think about. Not only will the boxes help to make your delicious food visible. More than that, exclusive custom boxes will make customers more interested in your items and brand. Eventually, the boxes will inspire them to purchase from you more. In the end, your boxes will create a unique element that sets your items and brand apart from others. Well, what can be better than this? 

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