The Ultimate Guide on How to Trade Cryptocurrency & Macro Trades

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing and evolving, with new coins and tokens being released on an almost daily basis. Given the volatility of this market, it is easy to see why a lot of traders are looking for ways to make money by trading cryptocurrencies. Oftentimes, large movements in cryptocurrency markets can be seen as a “macro trend” necessitating a trade-in in one or more other markets such as stocks, commodities, or even forex.

Macro Trades

Macro trading is the activity of analyzing and profiting from patterns in economic data and making predictions about factors such as growth, unemployment, and inflation. It’s not just a game for the big firms as it can actually be quite lucrative if you learn how to do it right.

The cryptocurrency market is all about taking advantage of trends and patterns that are based on real-time economic data. Cryptocurrencies are also an exciting investment opportunity because it’s one of the few opportunities where you can actually earn a profit from your capital.

A macro trade is an investment strategy that depends on the movement of multiple assets across different markets. This means that a macro trade may involve currencies, commodities, stocks, or cryptocurrencies. Not all macro trades are automated, and there is a difference between a “macro-arbitrage” and an automated trading algorithm.

The Difference Between Macro-Arbitrage and Automated Trading Algorithms

Macro-arbitrage differs from automated trading algorithms in that it involves manual intervention on the part of a trader who monitors the differences in price between different markets or exchanges. Thus, while arbitrage is not inherently automation-based, it can be combined with automation to better streamline the process of finding arbitrage opportunities.

Where to Use Automation-based Strategies

Automated trading strategies are best used in highly volatile, short-term markets such as cryptocurrencies. This is because automated trading strategies do not require the trader to be physically present all the time and can, therefore, act on information that may be available only moments after it appears on the market.

Due to their nature, automated trading strategies can be used on all types of asset classes, although they are particularly useful in risky and/or liquid markets where large movements in price happen frequently. 

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a tool used to automate various tasks on one or more cryptocurrency exchanges that allow traders to place orders and perform trading operations faster, more efficiently, and more consistently upon its installation. The software uses a general ledger where it stores a list of orders, executed orders, and pending orders.

Trading with automated trading strategies is more effective than manual trading, as it allows traders to receive more consistent signals during the trading day and allow them to quickly adjust their strategy depending on any changes in price movement. Automated trading strategies are also more effective when it comes to time-sensitive trades, making them the perfect choice for traders looking to capitalize on the current momentum of a market.

Cryptocurrency exchange software can be used to execute cryptocurrency trading strategies such as buy, stop loss, and sell orders. 

Macro-based auto trading is a set of rules that have been created by the user and programmed with functions that are connected to various exchanges (exchange). The principal purpose of these macros is to automate a certain behavior of a trader’s account on an exchange in different bitcoin and altcoin pairs.

The Basic of Trade Management and Trading Systems

Trade management refers to the collection and analysis of a trader’s trading information. This can be accomplished through a number of different techniques and methods. The primary goal of trade management is to improve both the efficiency and profitability of a trading strategy. Through analysis, a trader can learn what types of trades work best for them and how to adjust their strategy based on existing information. Tools that capture this data include charting software, portfolio trackers, and oscillators.

Trading systems are algorithms that algorithmically generate trading signals for a trader’s account based on price data, news events, technical indicators, historical trends, etc. The most common type of trading system is a trend-following system, which looks for price movements that correlate with past market movements or patterns in previous market data.

How to Get Started with Automation-based Strategies

Before you get started, it is important to understand exactly what a cryptocurrency trade bot is and how it can be used to your advantage. A trading bot is an automated program that allows you to make trades without having to physically sit in front of a computer. Although there are many different types of cryptocurrency trading bots, there are several key things that all bots have in common:

They connect via an API to exchanges that support the automated trading strategy being used (i.e., if the bot uses short-term day trading strategies, it has to connect with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports short-term day trading). They collect data from various sources and run analyses on them as they are received. This allows the bot to recognize patterns in market data that correlate with past trends and helps predict future trends. 

You can start and manage your own cryptocurrency business with Optima, a script that lets you exchange digital currencies for cash. You can easily link it to both public and private APIs, so you can use it with anything. Traders can also transact cryptocurrencies with ease, thanks to the powerful trading engine.  


Trading cryptocurrency can be a very profitable endeavor if you are adept at picking the right markets at the perfect time. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to smaller, less liquid cryptocurrencies or highly volatile altcoins. This is why automation-based strategies have become so popular among cryptocurrency traders, as they can help level the playing field and give you the edge you need to be successful.

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