The Symbolic Meanings Of Different Color Flowers 

Throughout history, flowers have been used to express a variety of emotions and feelings. Colors can evoke certain feelings and meanings in people, making them an interesting way to communicate our thoughts without having to say anything at all. In fact, giving someone a bouquet of flowers has long been a popular way to show your love or appreciation for them. But what does the color of the flower mean? 

Let’s take a look at some different colors of flowers and their symbolic meanings! 

1. Coral Flowers 

Coral has become a popular color in recent years, and it has its own unique symbolism. Coral flowers are often associated with playfulness, joy, warmth and happiness – making them the perfect choice to express sympathy or congratulations. 

It’s also a great way to show appreciation for someone special in your life. Carnations are a beautiful type of coral flower that can be used to convey these feelings. 

2. Red Flowers 

Red is the color associated with passion, strength, courage, and danger – so it makes sense that red roses are traditionally given as symbols of passionate love or deep admiration. The vibrant hue also represents heat, energy, and determination. 

Carnations are another popular flower in this color family, often given to show support for someone going through a tough time. 

3. Pink Flowers 

The color pink is associated with gentleness, femininity, innocence, sweetness and romance – so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the most common type of flowers presented in this hue are roses! They’re usually given as tokens of admiration or love. 

Other types of pink blooms, like lilies or carnations, can be used to express feelings of friendship or appreciation. 

4. White Flowers 

While white is sometimes associated with death or mourning in Western cultures, it also stands for purity and innocence. In fact, white flowers are often given as symbols of innocence and new beginnings – making them a popular choice for baby showers or wedding bouquets. 

White roses, lilies, daisies and carnations are some of the most commonly used white flowers for this purpose. 

5. Blue Flowers 

Blue is a very calming color that’s associated with peace, serenity, loyalty and devotion. As such, blue flowers like delphiniums, bachelor’s buttons or hydrangeas are common choices for expressing faithfulness or trustworthiness. 

They can also be used to indicate serenity during times of difficulty or crisis. 

6. Yellow Flowers 

The color yellow is often associated with happiness, joy and optimism. It’s a very cheery and energizing hue, so it makes sense that many people choose to give yellow flowers as tokens of friendship or good luck. 

Sunflowers, daisies and roses are some of the most popular types of blooms in this color family – they’re sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! 

In Conclusion 

There’s no denying the power of flowers when it comes to conveying emotions without saying anything! Different colors of flowers have various meanings attached to them, so make sure you choose carefully when picking out your bouquet. From red roses for passion and love to coral carnations for joy and appreciation, there’s something for every occasion.

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