The Innovative Lunar New Year Celebrations Ideas: One Should Know

When we think of the “holiday season,” we can only think of the holidays we celebrate ourselves. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of festive cultures other than you, in which we can participate, which is why we are diving deep erasing into the Lunar New Year celebration ideas, what it is, and what traditions go hand in hand with the holiday.

While most Westerners experience the ‘Chinese New Year’ by watching parades and having a great meal in Chinatown, its traditions vary from country to country. The holiday is more aptly called ‘Lunar New Year’, as it marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. And is one of the most important holidays in Asia.

What is the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year, known as the Spring Festival in some areas, is a follow-up to the start of a new year using the lunar-solar calendar. It is a tradition celebrated in China and many other Asian countries like South Korea and Vietnam. A lunar year consists of 12 full cycles of the moon and has about 354 days. Although sometimes an extra month is added to suit the solar year (the 365-day year you are familiar with). This added month is because the Lunar New Year is a different day within that window every year.

Here are some Lunar New Year Celebration Ideas 

Catch up with family and friends

Like many major holidays, The Lunar New Year celebration is the best spent with family and friends. The tradition is so important that LNY travel is annually declared as the ‘world’s largest human migration’ – at least until Covid-19. In 2019, three billion trips were made during the holiday season.

The family reunion dinner on LNY Eve also includes ancestral puja rituals that link the 3,800-year history of the holiday to the present. To start a new year, connecting with people in your life is the center of LNY.

Hang Door Gods pictures

Known as Maine Shen and dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The Gate Deity is the patron of the entrance and was one of the most popular gods for ancient Chinese people. They come in pairs, always face each other, and are believed to protect homes from evil spirits. During the Lunar New Year Celebration, people put pictures of gods on their doorsteps to bring good fortune to the house. And protect the family in the coming year.

Brighten up with some color

It is easy to see when the Lunar New Year is near – the red decoration of the festival decorates every street, storefront, and house. According to LNY mythology, being connected with wealth. And good fortune, red decorations are hung to remove Niaan – a lion-like monster who is afraid of red.

In parts of China, where a holiday is called the Spring Festival, bright flowering arrangements and fruit trees also illuminate homes and streets – peach.  And apricot flowers hold special significance for the celebration of Tết in Vietnam. In Korea, birds join these decorations – decorative cranes symbolize longevity while magpie represents good fortune.

Share the wealth with loved ones

Red brings literal wealth in the form of red lie, see packets gifted to children. And unmarried adults during the holidays. These red packets are cash gifts that can range from a few dollars to a very large quantity.


Like any traditional holiday, the observance varies depending on the person.  Lunar New Year Celebration is an excellent time to learn and learn about one of the world’s major cultural traditions. But with any cultural activity, respect for local customs is important to ensure that everyone can enjoy the holiday altogether.

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