The Best Movie APKs to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows

Are you a fan of movies searching for the best movie streaming APKs to stream free TV shows and movies?

This list includes the top free movie streaming apps that are suitable for Android users. These apps have been evaluated to determine their functionality using the devices listed below:

  • Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick Light and Fire TV Cube
  • Android TV boxes
  • Android TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Android smartphones

Let’s get started.

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The Best Movie APKs to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows


1. Cinema HD


On top of the list of top streaming APKs for films are Cinema HD.

Like the name suggests that the links to the movies are presented in high definition. It’s normal to find films in HD 1080p HD here.

What’s even more fascinating concerning Cinema HD is that it’s completely free to stream the TV and movies which include the most recent and most popular ones pixellab mod apk.

This Android movie streaming application is the most popular ShowBox HD alternative, since it incorporates features from both ShowBox along with Terrarium TV.

Cinema HD is simple to use, allowing you to access the content you desire without any hassle. Simply search for the movies that appeal to you, and you’ll see a plenty of download and streaming hyperlinks.

To get the best streaming experience you can connect Real-Debrid for HD links as well as Trakt to monitor the content you’re watching.

Cinema APK also streams very quick on all devices. If you notice that the app is slow or is buffering You might want to examine whether your connection to the internet is working.


  • Allows downloading of movies for future watching
  • Subtitles are available while streaming
  • Films are shown in HD However, you can also stream films in different resolutions.
  • It has a user-friendly application
  • Content downloads very quickly

2. Sony Crackle


Another app available in the Google Play Store that is ranked among the top streaming applications can be Sony Crackle.

As a product from Sony the app displays the quality of its products. It has a massive library of films and TV shows that you can stream at no cost in HD. Additionally, you can watch your favourite pickashow app download TV shows without the need for a subscription. You can download films and then watch them offline, similar to the way you can with Cinema HD.

Alongside the popular films you can stream through Sony Crackle, you’ll find other films that are exclusive to producers who are independent.

Sony Crackle has a clean and intuitive interface that can locate the movies that you’re looking for with just a few clicks.

The app for streaming movies and its content load extremely quick, so that the streaming experience is smooth. It also supports streaming on several devices.


  • The load is very quick.
  • A vast collection of films and TV shows
  • A user-friendly and attractive interface offers an easy way to navigate
  • Free account available with a massive limit on data storage
  • High-quality streaming of movies with high-quality movies HD as well as lower resolutions

Get Sony Cracker for free through the Google Play Store and experience what makes it one of the most well-known Android applications for watching television and movies. It’s also accessible through FireStick.

3. Kodi


Contrary to the previous two streaming movies APKs, Kodi is an open-source media player platform accessible for Android. Android operating system.

It does more than simply allow you watch films. It also lets you enjoy listening to music or watching local content. These capabilities make it one of the top and most well-known media apps available on Google Play.

The truth is, Kodi is not a streaming application in and of itself, since it is missing no content. Instead, it stores files , which is known as repository. In order to stream a movie with Kodi it is necessary to download the repository and then download an additional add-on. Also that you can only stream content on Kodi with add-ons developed through Team Kodi or third-party developers.

The procedure download and installation of the Add-ons won’t take longer than a minute. After that, you’ll enjoy the best streaming experience that’s unlike anything else.

Live TV can be watched films, sports and TV shows, as well as music, anime children’s programs, content from local sources and more. It is easy to install the most reliable and popular add-ons to any type of content that you would like to stream.

You’ve got the information you’ve looking for is now available to utilize!


  • It does not require you to sign up to make
  • The content that you can consume is innumerable.
  • Installation is straightforward
  • In addition to English, Kodi is available in various languages, including Korean, Spanish, and Japanese
  • The app is secure, legal, and free to use

4. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is another movie app that should be included on my list of most popular streaming apps.

With this streaming app you’ll find an abundance of free films and TV shows that aren’t available in other applications. In addition, the large collection of full-length films in Tubi TV ensures there’s something for every person.

There are genres that include Korean comedy, drama, action, adventure, sci-fi and horror, classics romance, kids, and more. Watching your favourite British shows is also available through Tubi TV. There is no sign-up required.

You can stream films and TV shows on a variety of platforms, including smart TVs, FireTV Sticks Android gadgets, as well as iOS devices. The app has been designed to be mobile-friendly, which means you can watch it across any device.

To keep your collections in sync and customize your experience, you can open a new free account.

Another feature that is interesting about this app is that it can find movies based on the scores through Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, Tubi TV provides subtitles for the majority of movies that are available on the platform.

The app is safe and easy to use. It displays advertisements, but advertising shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Legal app that is completely free to use
  • A large collection of top-quality films is continuously updated
  • You can open an account without providing credit card information.
  • In addition to English it’s also accessible in many other languages, such as Korean, Spanish, and Japanese (like Kodi)
  • Many categories are available to filter films
  • It is available on Amazon FireStick, Roku, Android and iOS
  • More than 200 partner streaming companies such as Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount

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