Tethys wireless security camera not performing well at night?

The tethys camera is an indoor/outdoor house usage high lens security camera. It has many incredible features. The weather resistant feature is the best one. Any season will not impact this camera. Not worried about the rainy season even for snowfall. In this camera you will get HDR resolution of 720p HD. White as well as black both night visions are available in the tethys wireless security camera. It will provide you a field view of 110° with motion detection notification alert. Whenever the camera will notice any kind of motion at night, It will send you alert notifications to your android. By connecting USB you can store the storage in the base station. This camera comes with a siren feature, In other cameras you will not get this feature. Additionally this wireless camera fully supports amazon alexa. After connection you can easily operate the tethys wireless security camera by your voice. This camera is totally wire free. It supports batteries, It will come with long lasting battery life. You can also use the tethys app which is available on the playstore. By using the camera app you can easily complete the tethys camera setup easily and fast. In this camera you will get 2 way communication features, You can easily talk through your android with your loved ones using this feature.

Tethys wireless security camera not working at night?

The tethys camera totally works with wireless internet connectivity. By using this technology you can easily access your camera by sitting in any corner. The High power lens provides you a crystal clear lens with zooming facility. The recorder videos and photos are too clear; you can easily check recorded videos and captured images. In the same manner the night vision feature provides you proper clear images or videos of night. This camera has many features and speciality, But sometimes many user’s face different kinds of errors or issues. The most common issue that ever faced by user’s is the camera not working at night. So here are some reasons why this problem occurs.
  • Night vision features are not enabled.
  • Poor network (Camera not connected with wireless home network).
  • Lens cover with mud
  • Battery is not fully charged.

Ways to fix tethys camera not working issues :

This problem is common and must be faced in every manner. So we are going to describe the solution step by step.

Turn on Night vision

The main reason for not working at night is if you do not enable night vision. You must need to be sure that your camera’s night vision is enabled and working properly. To enable night vision simply launch the app and open the camera settings. Here you must select the night vision option tap enable. If you did not install the app. Simply open the playstore of your device and search for tethys camera app and install it. After installing the app, (You can also scan the QR code to download) a login interface will appear. Enter your login credentials and make login. After login you can access the settings.

Clean camera lens carefully

If you installed your tethys wireless security camera outdoors. Maybe the power lens is covered with mud. So you must clean the lens time by time. You can easily clean the lens by using a paper or dry cloth. Even use a soft brush. But be sure before going to clean, Don’t forget to power off your security camera.

Change the batteries

This camera works with the batteries, Due to low charge or outdated batteries, Not working issues can also occur. Bring new batteries from the market and replace them with new ones. Simply open the camera’s cover and also install the new batteries properly and close the battery compartment with a soft hand.

Power cycle wireless camera

Even after using the following steps!! Problem not solved? There is a last option of restart left. You can perform a restart. To do this you must press the power button which is also available on your camera, Simply press it for 20 seconds until the camera is switched off properly, Wait for some time then power it “ON” now check if it’s working or not. In this way you can simply restart your camera and fix the issue. If still not solved there might be hardware problems, Or the power lens is damaged. Properly check it and replace it with a new one. Read more – Build Your Own Game Development App

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