Ten Food And Drink Trends That Will Rise In 2022

Get expert advice on developing new food trends in 2022 that will be in demand

We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite products for the coming year.

1. Flexitarian food

Vegetarians eat much less meat than the average person, so their diets are generally lower in calories and fat,” continued Barringer. “Be a part of the flexitarian movement — or just reduce your meat intake a little — and see how good you feel!

Whole Foods says that a growing number of consumers are choosing selective methods of animal agriculture. This means that the highest quality meat, dairy, and eggs are in demand.

2. Bigger, better breakfast

In the autumn of 2011, even employed people were cutting out their commute. This was when the real home-working boom began and trended into 2012. This meant a shift in consumers’ breakfast habits. 

3. Mushrooms

If a revolution is brewing in the nutrition industry, then alternatives to traditional products are at the center of it. Coffee drinkers are turning to mushroom mochas, fitness fanatics are sprinkling bamboo sprouts into their tea, veggie burgers are being stuffed with chia seeds, and lattes are built on beet juice instead of milk.

4. Bottled cocktails

Once derided as a less than sensational convenience product, premium pre-batched bottled cocktails have shrugged off their older and less fashionable image for one that’s hot with consumers and retailers alike.

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5. Nostalgic desserts

Nostalgia isn’t just making a comeback in the world of fashion. British consumers are eager to revisit retro recipes for a dose of comfort. The movement is especially popular with younger generations, who are inspired by the old-school recipes that their mother or grandmothers used to make.

6. Japanese flavors

Fusion dishes have been produced by British restaurants since the pandemic and experts have tracked a particular interest in Japanese flavors. Waitrose reported that sales of its Umami Paste were up 17% compared with 2019, while sushi sales saw a 54% increase during the same period. Consumers were also keen to try their hand at creating their own sushi, with 2021 sales of nori mats up 57% and sushi mats up 56% compared to the same period in 2020.

“ Yuzu, citrus from Japan, Korea, and China, is popping up all over the place. It’s being used in mayos and hard seltzers and even the occasional vinaigrette. We predict that by 2022 it will be a staple in many kitchens across the United States.

7. Levantine food

The Mediterranean offers some of the most freshest and vibrant flavors in the world, so it makes sense that we’re seeing a surge in demand for Mediterranean products at Waitrose. 

8. CBD

CBD is creating a buzz in the food world, with fine food retailers becoming increasingly aware of its benefits to health and wellness.

9. Potato milk

Could DUG be the next big thing to disrupt the vegan milk alternatives sector? Experts from Waitrose to food consultant Heather Morris of SHFoodie are excited by its sustainable credentials as well as its creamy flavor.

10. Spicy foods

Brits are showing a growing interest in adding a pop of flavor to their dishes, according to new research.

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