Slant Tweezers vs. Pointed and Pointed-Slant Tweezers

Slant Tweezers

You can purchase different types of tweezers. Moreover, buying a pair of tweezers won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Even the best material tweezers, that is, stainless steel are inexpensive to buy. Additionally, different tweezers feature different tips that you can’t ignore with tweezing to get rid of unwanted facial hairs. The three most popular tweezers types include slant tweezers, pointed tweezers, and pointed-slant tweezers. Comparing the tips of the most popular tweezers can help you choose the right tweezers based on your needs.

Tweezers’ Tip Comparison

The best tweezer type is contingent on what purpose you want to use a tweezer for. Slanted tip tweezers have a slightly angled edge slant tip on the left leading to a point at one end. Pointed tweezers point straight down to its needle-sharp points. Pointed slant tweezers represent an amalgamation of slanted tips and pointed tweezers with a more acute slant and defined sharper point. This is the difference between the tips of the three most popular tweezer types.

Comparison of the Most Popular Tweezer Types

Let’s compare the three most popular tweezer types:

Slant Tip Tweezers: Slanted tip tweezers are undoubtedly the most popular tweezer as compared to pointed and pointed-slant tweezers. They are the most versatile and convenient to handle. You can easily angle their flat edge to function parallel to the skin. You can grab even fine hairs with slant tweezers and remove them more easily in the direction of hair growth. Additionally, you can count on them to separate an individual hair turning them over and using their more pointed end. Slanted tweezers are ideal for eyebrow shaping because their slant tip follows the contour of the brow.

Pointed Tip Tweezers:

Pointed tip tweezers allow less versatility to tweeze hairs but they are the best to tweeze hairs with the maximum precision. Pointed tweezers give the ultimate precision to remove ingrown hairs, splinters, glass fragments, and anything below the skin’s surface. You may use them for grabbing the very finest hairs but you may injure yourself due to their sharp tips. Pointed tweezers feature needle-like sharp tips that you must handle with care with a steady hand. Mastering to use pointed tweezers like professionals will take a little time and effort at the same time.

Pointed-Slant Tip Tweezers:

Pointed-slant tweezers kill the two birds with one stone if you use them for plucking. Pointed-slant tweezers are 2-in-1, a slanted tip with a very sharp point at one end. You may invest in pointed-slant tweezers if you want to keep a single pair of tweezers. You will also get a cost advantage if you purchase these; the benefits of two tweezers while paying for one.

Which Is the Best Tweezer?

You can identify the difference of use seeing slant-edged and point tipped of slant tweezers and pointed tweezers respectively. Choosing between the two is easy based on the purpose you may need a tweezer for. In most cases, you will need to use a pair of slanted and pointed tweezers if you tweeze regularly. However, pointed tweezers can’t beat slant tweezers when you consider the tweezers’ versatility and general use. Hence, slanted tweezers are the best tweezers when you compare them with pointed tip tweezers. What about pointed-slant tweezers?

Can pointed-slant tweezers surpass slanted and pointed tweezers simultaneously? Pointed slant tweezers have a very sharp pointed tip, yet it’s a no match to the needle-tips of pointed tweezers. Therefore, pointed tweezers can tease out ingrown hairs from beneath the skin’s surface more conveniently as compared to pointed-slant tweezers. What about slanted and pointed-slant tweezers?

Slanted-tip tweezers are easier to use because they aren’t as sharp and fine pointed, unlike pointed-slant tweezers. You can easily grab hairs with slanted tweezers without pinching the skin in contrast to pointed slant tweezers. Furthermore, slanted tweezers are more comfortable and easy to use for the eyebrow. Slanted tweezers surpass pointed-slant tweezers in various ways. Hence, they are undoubtedly the best tweezers for plucking. Therefore, you can rank the best tweezers as follows:

1st: Slanted Tweezers

2nd: Pointed Tweezers

3rd: Pointed-Slant Tweezers     

Make sure you buy stainless steel tweezers when you prefer plucking to remove unwanted facial hairs or shape your eyebrows.


You can buy different types of tweezers; moreover, investing in tweezers won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The three most popular tweezer types embrace slant tweezers, pointed tweezers, and pointed-slant tweezers. Slanted tip tweezers are ideal for eyebrow shaping, removing individual hair, and even fine hairs. Pointed tweezers can remove ingrown hairs, splinters, glass fragments, and anything below the skin’s surface. Pointed-slant tweezers will help you enjoy the best of both worlds and offer a cost advantage. When it comes to the best tweezer type, slanted tweezers surpass both pointed and pointed slant tweezers. Lastly, buy stainless steel tweezers to achieve the best results with tweezing based on the purpose you may need them.

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