Should I do Android or iOS in 2022?


Do you are looking to develop mobile apps but you’re in a dilemma about between Android instead of iOS? It is likely that you are not the only person facing this problem. Many mobile developers who are aspiring are faced with this issue. Even veteran developers aren’t the only ones to suffer from this. Similar is the situation with established freelancers as well.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the choice of React Native App Development Company is dependent on a variety of aspects. First of all, it’s based on the reason you’d like to be a mobile app developer. It is also contingent on your current level of professional development. The most important aspects which you must be aware of are your programming experience, duration of your learning curve and the cost of learning tools you can use, the accessibility to development and the operating system you are using, the geographic areas you want to target, and the accessibility of documentation or training materials, for instance.

This article will attempt to provide solutions to the questions above. Additionally, you will be able to get advice in determining whether you are able to create applications that work on the two platforms Android and iOS with any cross-platform software.

Your programming experience

The primary requirement for anyone who wants to learn Android is prior experience with Java programming. If you’re not proficient with Java programming, there’s an opportunity that you’ll find it difficult to master it. However, iOS is written in Swift which is much easier to master. You can master it even you don’t have any prior experience in programming.

The learning curve

The next thing everyone wants to know prior to embarking on a journey to learn about the latest technology or course, is what is the time it takes to finish? The answer is contingent on the level of difficulty of the course you choose to take as well as the amount of time it takes to learn it. As I mentioned earlier, contrasted with Android iOS, it’s easier to master iOS. Therefore, that learning curve will be shorter in iOS.

The reason you have to learn higher difficulty in Android is that you have to focus more on testing compatibility. The reason is that Android offers a variety of Operating System versions, density, and screen dimensions. Android is so large with a variety of devices from various manufacturers. All of these make the learning curve more difficult on Android.

The cost of education

In terms of the expense of education, it’s higher for iOS as compared to Android. The reason for this is that you must sign up with Apple for publishing your app in App Store. App Store. The price for an individual developer’s program in iOS is 100 dollars. However, the Google Play store requires you to pay a one-time fee of only 25USD for the registration cost. After payment, you are able to make as many apps you want.

Development is easy

To develop applications for iOS development, you’ll need to utilize the Xcode tool which is quite simple to use. With Xcode, it is possible to create apps for every Apple product, including iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, and iWatch. Xcode IDE is packed with powerful features like UI design interface as well as code completion management of directories with hierarchy and profiling, debugging, basic data, and asset management, among others.

It is possible to create Android apps using Android Studio, which also offers a variety of features. On the scale of user-friendliness, Android scores less compared to Xcode the IDE.

Another important aspect that you should be aware of is that when creating an iOS-based application You can design the screens by using the Drag and Drop interface. There is no need to write a program to achieve this. But, Android doesn’t have this user-friendly interface and, as long as you don’t have a firm hold in XML and XML, you won’t be able to design screens that are designed to be optimal.

The device you are using

The decision on which program to pursue is also contingent on the type of device you utilize. If you have an iOS phone, it could be beneficial to study iOS as you will be able to utilize your device only for testing purposes. If you own an Android phone but want to master iOS and it turns out to cost you. The reason is that you will need to spend a significant sum of money to purchase an iPhone for testing purposes. However, Android phones are much less expensive than iPhones.

The availability of documentation

For the learner, learning will be easier if authentic training or documentation is accessible. The two platforms Android and iOS offer learners great documentation.

Geographies you target

Another aspect that should be considered is geography. If you’re looking at a specific country like those in the USA, UK, or any other developed nation for application development, then it is recommended to study iOS. This is because when you are in the USA, UK, Japan, China, New Zealand, or any other country with a developed economy using iOS is far more extensive than Android. Android is a major player in emerging nations. However, in general, Android has great penetration all over the globe.

So far, we’ve observed the differentiators in iOS as well as Android. It is possible that you don’t want to be able to master each of Android as well as iOS but would like to find out if there’s an alternative that works across platforms, so developers can create apps that work on each of the iOS or Android platforms. Yes. It’s possible using tools like React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin.

Here’s a brief explanation of the.

React Native

React Native is a framework created by Facebook that is a framework that can be used to develop apps for iOS or Android. By using the same code it is possible to create native applications to run on iOS or Android. If you’re familiar with Javascript is the way to go, it’s nevertheless simpler since Javascript is the language used to create React Native applications.


Flutter is among the most effective frameworks for cross-platform development. One of the major advantages of Flutter is that it’s an open-source mobile app development framework that was by Google.


The Xamarin tool is another one that is wide and is used to create cross-platform solutions. With Xamarin, you are able to create not just Android and iOS apps, but UWP, WPF, and macOS as well.

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To conclude

When it comes to deciding among Android and iOS to learn about the function it’s not as easy to take a quick decision due to the fact that both are equally popular technology. The best thing to do is you must carefully think through a myriad of aspects before making a choice. A thorough analysis of the above aspects will help you avoid having to regret it later in your life. Join the top mobile app development firm to find out details about it. You will also be able to give your expertise to anyone.

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