Reasons Why You Should Start Making Custom Cereal Boxes?

Custom Cereal Boxes

The cereal box has become irrelevant with the rise of Custom Cereal Boxes. People who used to collect them as a childhood keepsake now find it more practical to buy the cereal itself. People are no longer interest in purchasing new cereal boxes because they are becoming too expensive. It costs around $40-180 to produce a basic box, and with the customization options and printing, it can go even higher than that. The increased production price has also made it hard for small companies to sell their products on the shelves because they would not compete with big brands that have economies of scale.

Why Have Custom Cereal Boxes Gone Out of Fashion?

Custom cereal boxes were one of the first marketing trends to become a trend. Now, it is widely believed that their time has gone. But, ever considered why have custom printed cereal boxes gone out of fashion? The answer to this question is unknown, but there are many theories and opinions from people who have an idea of the answer. One theory says that since 1995, the cost per unit for cereal boxes has been increasing. Another theory states that they went out of fashion because it’s no longer practical to send promotional samples by mail.

Some other people believe that they went out of fashion because now you can find anything on Amazon – it’s easier than ever with Prime One-Day Shipping.

custom cereal boxes

The 5 Main Benefits of Creating Your Custom Boxes:

The end goal of any promotional campaign is to increase brand awareness and sales. Boxes are used for both purposes. People often use the same old boxes for their cereal, making them dull and unappealing to customers. Custom boxes help create a unique branding experience and increase brand loyalty from customers.

The five main benefits of custom printed cereal boxes are:-

  • They provide an engaging way to deliver your message
  • It helps generate new customers for your business
  • It allows your brand story to stay consistent across products
  • It brings you more money than you spend on it

Important Details to Consider for Your New Custom Cereal Boxes Business Model

Custom cereal boxes are a business model you must consider when looking to startup for the first time. It could be a very lucrative business, too, if done right.

But this won’t be easy, so it’s essential to consider some of these key details before you jump into your new venture.

Here are some factors that should be taken into account when you think about starting your own custom cereal box company:

  • Capital requirements
  • Pricing and margins
  • Box vs. bag size and cost comparison

A Little Background on the History of Custom Cereal Boxes in General

Cereal boxes were first used in the early 1900s, but they came into their own during the 1950s. With the introduction of television and mass food production, cereal companies were able to take a long-held strategy of regional advertising and turn it into a national marketing tool.


History of Custom Cereal Boxes in General

 In 1954, General Mills created its first cereal box with its General Mills girl mascot on it. The company’s marketing team quickly noticed that this design resulted in sales at up to 30% more than their competitors’ packages. This was due to consumers’ increased demand for advertising products which cereal boxes served as an ideal medium for commercializing children’s breakfast cereals when most companies didn’t have much budget allotted for such endeavors.

How to Get Started with Creating Your Own Custom Cereal Boxes Design?

Getting started with creating your own custom printed cereal boxes is easier than you think. The first step is to find an illustrator who can help you design a concept that reflects your brand and produce a mockup.

The second step is to take the final design to the printer of your choice. Once the designer approves, you can finalize the print order with production and shipping times. To minimize the time it takes from design to printing, make sure that you are syncing with your printer on every detail of the project so they can input measurements and customize anything as needed.

How Can I Create my Own Custom Cereal Boxes Design?

Custom printed cereal boxes are a great way to promote a subscription company, brand, or product. They are a great way to bring in new customers and build brand loyalty. You want to create your own custom cereal box design. Unfortunately, finding the best design for a particular cereal company is not easy. But you can easily find a design that will fit your product and logo perfectly by using a customized cereal box template online.

It is not that hard to create customization boxes designed with your brand’s logo, colors, and branding. All you have to do is choose the right template and use it as a guide while creating your new customized cereal box. The customization process of creating these boxes may take some time, but once you start, it will be easy for you because all the templates come with step-by-step guides and videos.

The Pros of Wholesale Boxes Customization for your Business

Cereal boxes are one of the most common types of packaging in grocery stores. Companies around the world produce a wide range of cereal boxes. In addition, different custom cereal boxes wholesale have other company logos, interior decorations, and layouts customized to your liking.

These custom cereal boxes wholesale come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have different printing options. They are designed for various purposes like fundraising, creating a brand, or building engagement with their customers. If you run a retail store or need to get in touch with the customer quickly, wholesale custom cereal boxes can help you tremendously!


Custom Cereal Boxes are becoming a popular trend, and there are many reasons for that. It has allowed brands to stand out from the crowd and is making the consumer experience more memorable. However, when it comes to ordering custom cereal boxes, our company is the best option for you! Not only do we offer affordable prices, but our process also guarantees your satisfaction. In addition, we have experienced team members who can take care of your needs.

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