Reasons for Many Businesses to Choose FunctionFox

FunctionFox Software

Many businesses have been choosing FunctionFox for various valid reasons. FunctionFox offers more than just simple, standard project management software. As an entrepreneur, you surely know that your business system is absolutely important to your success, as are the partnerships you form. FunctionFox promises to be an extension of your business, not just your software provider. In this post, we will discuss further reasons for many businesses to choose FunctionFox.

FunctionFox Software Offers Dedicated Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, FunctionFox software offers dedicated customer service with expertise. Additionally, to ensure that the software understands your business you will get a representative to your account.

If you have any questions, this dedicated representative or a knowledgeable service person will be pleased to assist you. More than that, the representative will provide you with the FunctionFox demo. In simple words, the software will work with you when you set up your account. Then, as your business grows on our system, the software will be there to assist you.

No Hardware Is Required

With FunctionFox, you will get the software as a service. There will be no hardware that needs to be installed, supported, or upgraded. Best of all, you will not have to purchase any type of hardware. Many FunctionFox reviews have mentioned how the software allows you to get your own account on a professional server. This account comes with regular backups and is supported by dedicated IT staff. With FunctionFox, all you need is a web browser, and then let the software run in a few minutes.

No Contract Requirement

Perhaps you are wondering about who will be responsible if the software fulfills its promises while providing unlimited support and services while they do not work? Of course, FunctionFox will! Contracts and prepayments are meaningless for the software. You will be able to cancel your monthly subscription at any time without penalty. The best part is, you will be supported by a money-back guarantee and unlimited personalized customer care.

Provides Instant updates

FunctionFox software is a platform that is improving continually, along with updates added to your account at no extra cost. You will find the bug fixes to be very instantaneous in the software.  Apart from a great timesheet and project management solution, you will also get guaranteed uptime, continuous backups, and secure storage. Most importantly, you will get a team of FunctionFox professionals focused on software. Thus, you can easily put more focus on your business.

Offers Simplicity

In many cases, the software is overdeveloped. You might even have seen it in your own business system. Tools that were previously useful can easily become clunky with features that are rarely used. In the end, they will quickly lose control of the entire system.

At the FunctionFox demo, the overall development decisions the software makes demand simplicity, ease of use, and return of input. The software understands very well that professionals like you will have no time to mess with complex tools. For this reason, FunctionFox software offers simple, straightforward, and user-friendly features.

FunctionFox Software is a Proven One

In some FunctionFox reviews, you will find out that about more than 100,000 creative minds log in to FunctionFox every single day. The software has been doing great support to countless independent contractors and small creative companies to:

  • Increase accountability
  • Reduce administrative time
  • The charge for something of value

You can even check out some case studies and customer feedback to see the meaning of  FunctionFox as a proven project management software.

Provides Cross-Platform Compatibility

You can rest assured that FunctionFox works regardless of whether you are a Mac or  PC user. Yes, the software is highly compatible with the latest operating systems and browsers (including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox). In simple words, all you need is a perfect internet connection. Need to use the software on an iPhone or Android device? You can simply install the FunctionFox mobile application

Meets Specific Business Needs

FunctionFox originated from advertising and design companies. In this context, the software recognizes the unique challenges faced by creative businesses. This is the main reason for FunctionFox to meet the specific needs of creative professionals.

The software continues to develop along with the evolving business needs. All development decisions made by the software provider will be based on feedback from graphic designers, writers, developers, engineers, architects, and other creative minds. These businesses are facing the same challenges as you.

Provides Free Unlimited Customer Support

The unlimited customer support mentioned in the FunctionFox demo proves how the software is the best in business. In fact, this is the one that makes FunctionFox always stand out from other project management software.

A customer from Redbird Communications has mentioned in FunctionFox reviews that the software has been helping a lot. In fact, we can confidently say that FunctionFox is always finding new ways to support the users and help them succeed in project management.

The Interesting FunctionFox Pricing Plans

You will find various interesting options to choose from the FunctionFox pricing plans. Of course, the best part the software offers is its free plan. This free plan comes with a limited free version of your paid subscription.

With this plan, you will be able to get up to 3 users at the same time in 2 active projects. If you wish to step up, you can get a Classic (time tracking) plan by paying only $5 a month. Yes, that is quite cheap if compared to other project management software.

Alternatively, you can also try out the Premier Plan (project management) by paying $10 per month. Last but not least, you can always choose an In-House (project request form) plan. This plan is offered at $20 per month.

Wrapping Up

Yes, there are valid reasons for many businesses to choose and use FunctionFox software. Not only does the software offer various innovative features. More than that, the unlimited customer support from the platform is something you might not get from other project management software.

Thus, with the amazing features and highly affordable pricing plans, FunctionFox is a tool worth having. Many businesses have been getting benefits from the software, what about you? After all, you can always check out the free plan to get started with the software.

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