Netgear MS60 Orange Light Issue: Give Ingenious Solutions Instantly

The Netgear MS60 is a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system that delivers exceptional network coverage in your home. It is thoroughly compatible with all mesh Wi-Fi 6 systems. With this mesh WiF system, no more dead zone is here in your home. In other words, the Netgear nighthawk MS60 home mesh WiFi system annihilates the Wi-Fi dead zone. This Wi-Fi satellite delivers internet connectivity in the 1,500 sq. ft coverage area. As well, the mesh Wi-Fi 6 network also works with mesh satellites. The mesh Wi-Fi 6 network completely robust the network connection. Also, you can reliably get the network in the entire home with mesh network connectivity. If you get the unstable signal that means the Netgear MS60 orange light error occurs.  

Furthermore, the Netgear Nighthawk MS60 whole-home mesh satellite works with your prevailing router. You can ingeniously maximize the Wi-Fi speed of your router with this satellite. To improve or maximize the Wi-Fi speed, you need to configure the settings of the satellite. From www mywifiext net local web address, you will be able to configure the satellite. After configuring the setting, the Wi-Fi speed keeps stable & very high. 

Common Reasons: Netgear MS60 Orange Light Issue

The Netgear satellite has smart LED lights above it. This LED light is very helpful for the user. Because the user can find out the exact location with this LED light. Along with this, it also tells the strength of the LED light signals. In other words, these LED lights flash in multi-colors. Through the multi-color, you will be able to identify the location & signals strength. If the LED light color is green that means the signals are stable & solid. If the LED light of the mesh satellite is orange then the network connectivity is being slow. Let’s now start what are the reasons due to LED light is orange. 

  • Maybe the Netgear MS60 satellite not connecting to the main router outer
  • Loose network connection 
  • Maybe the connection is overlapped 
  • Netgear MS60 satellite placement is incorrect 
  • Wall power supply fluctuations 

Troubleshooting steps: Netgear MS60 Orange Light Issue

If Netgear satellite LED light is orange then you can effortlessly do the solution. You can follow the below steps to solve it.

Reduce the distance 

To fix the nighthawk orange LED light issue, you should reduce the distance. Because sometimes there is too much distance between the router and the satellite. Due to the increased distance, the LED light turns orange. You should keep the router and the satellite close by. If you keep it close, then the connection between these two devices is easily done. If the connection is done then the status of the LED light will be solid green. So in the same way you can easily & effortlessly fix the issue by reducing the distance between these two devices.

Download the latest firmware 

To resolve the Netgear MS60 orange light error, you need to check the firmware. If the firmware is out-of-date, then you should update it. To check the update, you can open internet explorer. Then, you can utilize the search bar and enroll as, hitting the enter button. Afterward, the login will be open & 2 sections are also available on this page. To log in, you need to fill up these two columns. In the first column enroll username ID and the second column enroll the Wi-Fi password. 

After logging in, you have to launch the Advanced setting. Then, open the Administration setting & select the firmware update option. Afterward, you have to choose the firmware file & upload it to their section. As soon as the file is uploaded, click the update section. 

Verify the Ethernet cable connection 

Sometimes the Ethernet cable connection is not connected properly due to which the LED light turns orange. So, for this, you should examine the cable connection. If the cable is not properly plugged into the port, you should plug it in again. Along with this, you should also verify that the Ethernet cable is not broken. If the cable is broken then you have to replace it with another cable. As well, the cable connection is an excellent solution. With cable connection, you can ingeniously resolve the nighthawk ms60 mesh satellite not connecting issue. 

Change the password of the Netgear MS60 satellite

To change the password of the Netgear satellite, you have to open the wireless setting. In the wireless setting of the satellite, you will find the password section. Just open the password option. Afterward, you have to erase the default password and write a new password. After writing the new password, you have to click the Save section.

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