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Make Your Curly Wig Less Poofy

Curls are one of the most beautiful textured hairstyles you can wear. However, when curls are worn out and you are having a tough time maintaining them, curly hair doesn’t become the first hairstyle option for any occasion. Your kinky curly hair wigs may be one of the best hairstyles until it is all puffy and dry. But, what if I tell you that you have to maintain your curls and wear them like the one you have first brought from a store. Don’t believe me? Read below and find out how to make your curls less poofy.


  1. Brush Your Curls Well


Always Brush out all your curls with a wide-tooth comb. Brushing will help your curls to stay in place and look fabulous. Before taking a bath or spraying water on your curls, it is most important first to brush your curls. Thoroughly brush them section by section. If you wear your Brazillian kinky curly hair wigs, you can keep them on a wig stand and brush them section by section, as this will be more comfortable. Brushing your hair will make them poofy at first, but the result will be fabulous.


  1. Wash Your Curls


Wash your curls gently 
Wash your curls gently


After you have brushed your curls thoroughly, you have to wash them gently. For washing your hair:

  1. Use a shampoo that will define your kinky curly wigs.
  2. Rinse the shampoo with warm water.
  3. Make your hair damp and apply the conditioner all over your curls, and this will help define your curls more properly. 


3. Curl-Defining Cream


Define your curls and make them well-textured 
Define your curls and make them well-textured

You have to apply the cream for this step and then rub it upward. Remember not to drag down your curls; instead, apply the cream and rub it upwards. This will give you texture on your kinky curly wigs and make your curls pop out in a beautiful curly texture if your hair is still wet after washing. You can get a towel and soak the water from your hair. For this process, your hair needs to be damp and not dried.


4. Mousse For Glossy Hair


Apply mousse to get the gloss
Apply mousse to get the gloss

You can either grab your hair mousse and apply it on your curls or also sprintz a curl-defining spray on your hair. If you have chosen to wear a curly headband wig human hair, you can wear the curly wig and then start by spraying the mousse. This step will help define your curls and make them more textured. Thoroughly rub the mousse on your curls and then smoothen it from the top if you want to go for a smooth frontal from the top and not a bulky one. 


5. Coconut Oil Spray For Defined Curls


Coconut oil spray will give you the perfect sheen 
Coconut oil spray will give you the perfect sheen


If you are going for a more sheen and defined curls, spray coconut oil on your curls. You can choose any oil for this one as it will give you a glossy curl at the end. For a glossy touch and a perfect sheen, choose to sprintz a coconut oil spray on your kinky curly wigs to slay your curls anytime and anywhere. 


6. Style Your Curls For A More Defined Look


Style your curls with your creativity and get them popping 
Style your curls with your creativity and get them popping

For the last step, let your kinky curly hair air dry. Curls can lose their definition if you are using too many hot tools. So, if you want your curls to have a defined texture, you have to make sure that you air dry your curls after using all the products from above. 

Air drying your hair can give you the beautiful shine and textured sheen that you have always dreamed of. After your curls are dried, you can then style your curly headband wigs in any way that you want. Add a little style to your curls and flaunt them beautifully.



With curls, you will get the best hairstyles. It goes with any occasion or event. You can either choose to wear them in a cute and kinky style or make them match your strong and bold personality with the right kind of hairstyle.
The most important thing is to have your curls well defined to withstand any hairstyle. Well-defined curls will give you the most fabulous looks that you have always wanted. So, what are you still waiting for, get your curly headband wigs from TGH  and always flaunt those curls? 


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