Looking to Invest in Bitcoin? Here are the Top 6 Places for you

Investing in Bitcoin is all the rage right now, but as a beginner investor, you can have many questions in mind regarding Bitcoin. You could be wondering how I buy Bitcoin. Where do I send money from my account to convert into Bitcoin? What is the best place to buy Bitcoin and many more?

That is why in this writ up you will read the top 6 Bitcoin exchanges or platforms where you can buy and invest in Bitcoin without any hassle. 

1. Coinbase

Out of all the cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms, one of the most popular is Coinbase. It allows you to invest not only in Bitcoin but many other digital currencies as well. You can easily earn interest and get multiple rewards by completing various activities on this platform. 

Another reason why Coinbase is one of the best places to buyBitcoin is as that is very suitable for new investors. After all, it is easy to use. It is both mobile and desktop friendly. Most people who buy or sell Bitcoin use the standard desktop portal of Coinbase; however, if you’re an active trader, there is also a Coinbase pro desktop trading platform for you to view real-time order books. Not only can that, but your orders be placed quickly with charting tools. It has also made transactions easier by simply using a Coinbase wallet username instead of complicated pins or codes. The only drawback of this cryptocurrency exchange is that its fee structure is quite complex and expensive for smaller transactions. 

2. Voyager

Another best place to buy Bitcoin that was also the first publicly traded exchange is voyager. It is a well-known platform for exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can be accessed through the app. On voyager, many significant cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are traded. Voyager has solid public support and engagement and pays competitive interest on your assets. Its interests rate range from 1% to 9%. 

However, you should know that voyager is a cryptocurrency broker and not an exchange. It only connects you with other dozen of exchanges; however, even with that, its use is so easy that it appears that you are trading directly on this app. The only drawback of this app is that it is a mobile-based app, leading to some errors in transactions when moving between apps. 

3. eToro

Are you confused about “how do I buy Bitcoin?” or where do I start? Then this app is perfect for you. This app is hugely beginners friendly and is easy to use. It also allows its users to make practice accounts with virtual money to buy and test how to buy Bitcoin without taking any real risks. Once you get well aware of trading Bitcoin and get comfortable with it, you can enter live trade with real money. This platform is the best place to buy Bitcoin for a new user who wants to invest and is still how its methods are alongside. 

4. Coinmama

If you already possess a Bitcoin wallet and want to own Bitcoin quickly, then Coinmama is the right choice for you. You can set this account up and verify it quickly, and after you’re logged in, trading Bitcoin becomes a piece of cake for you. You can buy Bitcoin at the spot immediately using various payment methods. However, this instant purchase privilege will cost you high too. Many people do not understand complex methods and just want to know,” how do I buy Bitcoin easily “so a piece of good news for them is that Coinmama can be connected to your card. Then the cryptocurrency of your choice can be deposited into your crypto wallet quickly. 

5. BlockFi:

Another one of the best places to buy Bitcoin is BlockFi. It lets you earn interest in your holdings. With BlockFi, you can easily borrow while keeping your Bitcoin as collateral. It lets you earn interest on your holdings and doesn’t involve any fee for trading Bitcoin. 

6. Robinhood

Out of the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, Robinhood is another one of the best places to buy Bitcoin. This platform is straightforward to access and allows you to trade Bitcoin without any commissions. You need to pay commission on your Bitcoin gains on other platforms, but that is not the case with Robinhood. It is a commission-free stockbroker. This platform is similar to that of a stock market. So if you are aware of how to deal in the stock market, then this platform would feel familiar to you. If you are a beginner trader and still roaming around the question of “how do I buy Bitcoin”, but you have prior experience in stock market dealing, then this platform is perfect for you to use. 


Along with searching “how do I buy Bitcoin”, you should also search the best place to buy Bitcoin. There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms where you can invest in Bitcoin. However, there are different regulations, fees, security, and trading options on all the platforms. That is why you must search for the best place to buy Bitcoin before getting yourself to start trading.

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