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Local Vs International SEO

Local SEO is a powerful tool for local businesses in ensuring that they are found and seen on the web; however, it can be fairly complicated to understand sometimes. Here we’ll share some of our insights with you, while also providing you with some further resources on what types of tactics your business should use in 2022. Though, if you need professional help with the same, you can consult SEO Company Seattle and get the best help!


It’s important to know the difference between international SEO and local SEO as there are significant differences between both! By contrast, international SEO does require very specific geographic boundaries or countries due to geographical restrictions that may exist by law. This can be more complicated than it sounds, even if you’re in the United States.


We recently had an international client who was trying to rank for keywords in Brazil and Peru but was only able to do so at a 3 or 4 position due to their shared locale with the US. This is of course possible, but they were obviously limiting optimization efforts on their website. The proper practice should be that you are able to optimize on a global level if your business spans multiple countries!


The other major factor when thinking about local vs international SEO is the currency being used by your target market. For example, let’s say you own a company based out of Detroit that sells parts for cars. 


The price points will obviously vary from region to region, which plays into the buying psychology which needs to be taken into account when working on local SEO especially. Pay attention to how the currency is used in terms of the technical aspects of your site, i.e. what language your user interface is and as well as on a content level. You need to consider how your target market may perceive you from a language standpoint if you’re not planning on targeting a very specific region with your website, but rather treating it as an international local directory. For professional help, get in touch with SEO Company Seattle and get the best help!


International SEO refers to ranking well within certain geographical boundaries; this includes keywords that are relevant to the target market in a specific country or region, but not necessarily one specific location in that country. It also includes brand terms along with other technical aspects such as geo-targeting, i.e., you will be able to optimize for your business on a more global level if your business spans multiple countries. These include the UK and Europe, along with the United States and Canada. For example, we optimize for both “Justin Bieber” and “Beverly hills hotels”. 


Local vs international SEO plays a vital role in how your website ranks on certain keywords; however, it also has an effect on conversion rates as well as user experience. Therefore, you will want to focus more on tactics that cater to these types of audiences. For more, get in touch with SEO Company Seattle and get the best help!


International SEO is slightly different, however, they both rely on each other in order to bring your website up to par. International SEO works towards reaching your target audience and converting them into a lead. Both domestic and international SEO has a direct impact on user experience. However, we also focus on helping our clients to understand the difference between the two. 


Which one is better local or international SEO?


Local SEO is better at ranking pages in specific countries, it is good for ranking local pages in one area. However, international SEO can rank pages across a wide range of countries. These two SEO strategies work together to help you put your website on the top of the search engine rankings. Local SEO helps you to rank in the local searches of a particular state, city, or country. This is also accompanied by SEO keywords that are specific to a certain industry. Thus, you can see that local SEO is all about promoting your business within a certain area. They will still be able to reach your website through online search engines. To know more, you can consult SEO Company Seattle and get the best help!


Both local and international SEO have different ways of ranking websites in the top positions of search engine results pages. Although they do have some similarities, they also have a few differences.


The main advantage of local SEO is the fact that you can position your business in a particular country. And allow people who are searching within their area, to find it easily. You can also help them find information about your product or service with relevant, targeted search phrases.




Local vs international SEO is on a whole different level than most people realize. And help it gain rankings within search engines. In conclusion, it’s safe to say that local versus international SEO plays different roles. While local focus more on a single country or area. And caters towards the needs of users who are looking for local businesses, international focus more on ranking across a wide range of countries, making sure that you’re able to reach audiences from all around the world. You can see that local and international SEO have different benefits for their users but work hand in hand to ensure successful online marketing results. For professional help, get in touch with SEO Company Seattle and get the best help! 

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