Learn About The HQL Training With The Guidance Of PTP-Gun Experts

Handgun Qualification License training involves the block of instruction having the classroom instruction. The Handgun Qualification License helps to rent, purchase or even receive the regulated firearm easily. Undergoing the HQL License Class Baltimore MD is the perfect option for gaining more knowledge.

Training Session:

HQL License Class involves with 4-hours of classroom instruction. There will be an hour for the range times. The classroom portion in this class mainly requires the following topics to be discussed includes

  • State Firearm Law
  • Application Process
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Handgun Mechanisms and Operations

This allows the students to shoot about 1 to 2 rounds from their handgun quickly. Successful completion of the class mainly ensures the students receive the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) training certificate.

What’s Included In The Sessions?

Normally, the HQL License Class has a set of instructions, mainly range time. Getting the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) training certificate is not a simple process as it requires knowledge and practice. Cost of HQL License Class covers the use of a firearm, ear protection, eye protection, targets, and especially ammunition.

What Are The Prerequisites?

There is no prior experience required for joining the class. Students are required to fill and submit the LiveScan form before taking the sessions. HQL License Class meets the State of Maryland’s requirements. When you like to apply for the HQL license, then you can continue the training. Applicant needs to bring a Maryland-issued ID card or driver’s license.

Member Discounts:

Students can easily get even up to 40% on the training course. Live-scan fingerprints along with the annual plan are also required. With the specialized HQL License Class, there is no need to worry about anything.

No limit to the number of classes that you take to enjoy the non-stop fun. Save your money by choosing these HQL License Classes even without breaking the bank.

Private Group:

Whether you are new to the firearm world, then it is important to get the right guidance. The professional team at PTP-Gun mainly provides the complete firearm class to get rid of your stress. You would have both the practical knowledge upon taking the HQL License Class.

Students also get complete access to the exclusive Facebook group. It is available only for the Club Members to get the maximum updates.

Exclusive Giveaways:

When there is any new apparel from PTP, then you will be notified and provided free of charge. Now you have the better option to easily get from shirts, hoodies, hats, and many more. Our team will make sure that you get the perfect outfit. These are a suitable option for saving your money on getting the best gear supporting the 2A.

When you are a PTP member, you can easily get access to a lot of accessories as a giveaway. These especially include free classes, holsters, and more. As part of the training class, we would provide you the handguns and ammunition along with other accessories for you to use.

Upcoming PTP-Gun Classes:

Normally, the ptpgun trains you with the main goal of defending yourself and your families. We believe you have the potential skills which we will improve with the right training. There will be both indoor sessions along with practical training in the outdoors range for an hour.

HQL License Class gives them valuable Information about the usage of guns. The expert’s team also assures in handling the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) application of the State of Maryland. It is quite a convenient option for learning about the online application process and the HQL training requirements.

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