Know The Reasons That You Must Get Certified in ITIL


As an IT professional, you might be wondering why you should get certified in ITIL. The answer is simple: ITIL certification will allow you to have a more lucrative job and have greater job options. 

As an IT professional, you must know why you must get certified in ITIL, and with the latest versions of ITIL V4, the importance has increased multifold. 

In this article, we bring before you the top reasons you should get ITIL certified. 

ITIL Process Stages

The ITIL framework standardizes the various services in the IT lifecycle of services. It is essential to provide customers with maximum value, not just deliver services. ITIL V4 focuses its service management on five stages of the service lifecycle.

  • Strategy is the organization’s mission and vision.
  • The design focuses on how to achieve the mission and vision.
  • Transition is when the company develops and deploys an IT service in a coordinated manner.
  • Service Operation, in which the company performs routine tasks related to one or several projects.
  • Continuous Service Improvement is what an organization plans to improve at each level.

Benefits of ITIL certification 

   Enhances Professional Status:

Obtaining ITIL certification course will enhance your professional status and help you obtain better promotions. Potential employers will look at you as someone who has validated their knowledge of ITIL. Moreover, this kind of certification increases your chances of getting a higher pay package and a more attractive job. 

It is possible to obtain certification at all three levels of ITIL. If you are already in the IT industry, it would be a good idea to get certified in all three of them. You can also take advantage of instructor-led or distance-learning classes by receiving an Axelos certification at completion. 

Improve skills and increase confidence

Most organizations use ITIL throughout their infrastructures, so gaining the certification will make them valuable assets to any company. Furthermore, you will have more job opportunities as an ITIL certified professional. You’ll be seen as a valuable asset, and your employer will value you for your knowledge.

Incorporates best ITIL practices

This is one of the top benefits of ITIL certification. An ITIL certified professional can learn the best practices in the IT industry. As a result, ITIL certified professionals could perform better and take less time, no matter their stream. You will learn and practice the best practices in the IT industry when you enroll in ITIL. 

Investment to increase your earnings 

The process is easy and convenient – you can study at your own pace and decide when to take the exam. Once you’ve completed the ITIL Foundation training, you can go on to get your intermediate certification. To get started, use the Axelos training and Axelos courses to find suitable modules based on your job role. 


ITIL framework is designed to give your insight into the entire work of the internal IT infrastructure. The service design cycle trains candidates to understand the design of various IT services and processes. You will be able to work in any role because you have a good understanding of all streams of the IT industry.

Increases your marketability
It will open doors for you, and you’ll have better job opportunities. When you’re certified, your skills will stand out from the rest of the IT workforce. It will make you a valuable asset in your field. 

  Helps manage customer relationships

ITIL practices help organizations focus on their customers. ITIL certified professionals can identify the needs of customers using ITIL’s guiding principles and improvement model. As a result, customers receive the service they need within the timeframe without interruptions. 


The benefits of ITIL certification are many. It will make you more confident in your skills and give you a competitive edge over other candidates. It will also make you a better investment for an employer. Lastly, it will increase your salary due to your increased knowledge and expertise in the IT industry. You’ll be able to get the job that you want by gaining an ITIL certification and understanding the comprehensive benefits. Give your career the boost it needs and get going n your journey.

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