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Insanity Workout Diet Plan Review

The thing with the insanity workout is that it will drill you to the extent that you will want to give up. This diet program will make up for it. In this program, you will be consuming as much as 2700 calories per day so that you will not be starving yourself. As this workout is intense, the diet plan will make up for it so that you will have the energy to carry on the next day.

Though you do have some liberty to tweak the diet plan, you should stick to the one provided to you. The diet plan is broken down into a certain percentage of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. As long as you follow the ratio, you can pretty much consume what you would like. But you will have to keep a very close eye on the ratio.

You will need to consume 40% proteins during the day. It will help your muscles repair and refuel them every day for the next 60 days.

40% of your intake will consist of carbohydrates. These carbs will assist in providing you with energy. You will need this energy to continue throughout the day as well as the next day.

The other 20% will consist of fats which will provide you with some more energy to drive you through the next workout and the entire day as well. You will need to make sure that the types of fats you consume are healthy. You should consume the food items mentioned in the diet plan.

How does Insanity Compare to other In-Home Workouts?

A good way to find out the difference between insanity and other in-home workouts is by asking people and reading up on various reviews. Some of the other home-based workouts are presented by the same company such as P90x, while some are from different companies. But no matter which company is representing the workout, you will find significant differences between the insanity workout and the others.

The insanity workout is designed in such a way that you use your body weight against yourself to help you lose weight. You will see that more fat loss will be witnessed and your muscles will become tighter. You may also gain a little muscle weight as well. The workout is more intense and flexible at the same time.

The other workouts such as P90x are less hardcore than the insanity. The P90x focuses more on you getting bulkier. You will be using weights in the program as well, so it is more muscle-oriented. Since P90x is not as demanding as the insanity workout, you will see that the results are a bit slower.

The other program that you can look at is the Insanity Max 30. Which is more hardcore than the insanity workout. This program is not easy at all. It has more exercises and is harder to continue. So while the results of that workout are better than insanity, you get exhausted by the end of the day.

To read the full insanity schedule, click on the Insanity workout calendar

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