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Inogen One G5: Price and Features

Inogen One G5 is an oxygen concentrator from the globally renowned USA-based brand Inogen. The concentrator is known for its robust build, portability, and cutting-edge features. Designed by Inogen, high quality and efficiency are the obvious features attached to the portable oxygen concentrator.

Moreover, with a price range of Rs. 229,999 to 270,000, Inogen One G5 claims to offer 24/7 usage for patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions. So, with your requirement for an oxygen concentrator, a device that is on-the-go and gives you the flexibility of living your active lifestyle, Inogen One G5 is the right fit that ticks all your concerns in one machine.

With the fitting price range, Inogen offers a warranty of 3 years to its users of their portable oxygen concentrator One G5. Besides this, users also get a 6-month warranty on the batteries and sieve beds. To further ease your usage in terms of additional accessories, users get a 16-cell battery, a DC cable for easy usage in the car, a carrying bag, and an AC power supply, along with a user manual for understanding its operation properly. To expand its quality assurance and reach its consumers, Inogen has 11 authorized service centers and paid service partners across India.

With its unmatched features and substantial upgrades from its predecessors, Inogen One G5 has been ranked among the top 5 portable oxygen concentrators globally. Its effective oxygen therapy and proven high-quality complement its global ranking and price.

In fact, Inogen One G5 is often considered comparable to a stationary oxygen concentrator as it clinically allows 24/7 uninterrupted oxygen therapy at flow rates from 1 to 6. Its popularity in the market is further increased by the fact that the device offers 90% and more oxygen purity at all flow rates. 

Since Inogen One G5 has the highest pulse rates of 1 to 6 than any other concentrator in the Indian market, it proves its effectiveness for people with COPD as well as for those who have changing oxygen flow needs to be based on their active lifestyle, travel, exercise regime, during emergencies or for people who have a progressive respiratory condition.

Inogen One G5 includes world-class compressors to justify its high price that enable uninterrupted oxygen flow at an altitude of up to 10,000 ft, which is a quality rarely observed in a portable oxygen concentrator. 

The device is CE, FDA and FAA-approved. This means that while it stands high on international quality standards, it is authorized to be carried on a plane, which is an added benefit for people to travel frequently and do not want their oxygen therapy to be a hindrance in it. 

Adding to its qualities, it comes with a rugged body, is lightweight (2.4 kg) with an ultra-small body, is highly portable for people to carry it around and is whisper-quiet at 38dB. Since it makes almost no sound, it offers a peacefully quiet sleep to both the patient and the people around. So, whether you are at home, traveling, or visiting someone, you can be sure that with Inogen One G5, nobody’s sleep is getting distracted. 

Furthermore, at the price you pay for Inogen One G5, you get some amazing upgrades from its predecessors One4 and the One3, including its 13 hours of battery backup on a double battery. With the improved battery backup, people can now enjoy additional time out, enjoying their favourite activity, doing exercise, attending some event, traveling or even during an emergency, without having to worry about the battery draining or constantly finding the need to charge it.  

With these major upgrades, world-class features, and positive customer reviews, Inogen One G5, in its price range, takes the place of the best portable oxygen concentrator globally. It is an effective oxygen therapy at 90% purity and higher for patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions who do not want to compromise on their active lifestyles simply because of their supplemental oxygen needs.

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